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New Book from Off Grid Survival

The author of a well-known prepping blog, Off Grid Survival, has published a new book: The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World. His book description says: “The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide covers: creating home safety plans, … Continue reading

New for Preppers: The Simple Survival Smart Book

The author was a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army for 23 years, from 1989 to 2011. The book emphasizes bug-out and wilderness survival, incorporating practical knowledge from the author’s military experience. This is not a generalized prepping book. … Continue reading

Survival Fiction; Entertaining and Educational

I’ve probably read three dozen books on prepping and survival and have enjoyed most of them very much.  I’ve also learned quite a bit from most of them.   Non-fiction survival manuals as well as fictional novels both have something … Continue reading

Medical and First Aid Books for Preppers

If you have a medical question, how do you find the answer? You could call your doctor — if you have one, if he is not too busy. You could look up the answer on the internet. But if the … Continue reading

New Feature: Top Prepping and Survival Books

Today Prep-Blog has launched a new feature: a list of the top 12 non-fiction prepping and survival books. This list is based on the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank”, which can be found under Product Details for any book sold at … Continue reading

Your Survival Library; A Critical Resource

Most would agree that Knowledge and Planning are perhaps the two most important things you can have in a survival situation.  Let’s face it, all the survival tools and equipment in the world won’t help you if you don’t know … Continue reading

Book Review: Apocalypse Law 1 & 2

I recently read both Apocalypse Law  as well as Apocalypse Law 2 by John Grit.  I highly recommend both books. The series is about a bad ass former Army Ranger who is fighting to protect his son and a small … Continue reading

How Exactly Will We Know When the S*** Has Hit The Fan?

I’m about halfway through “The Pulse; A Novel of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid” by Scott Williams and it’s an excellent read.  Besides being a great read it has also made me think a bit more about several aspects … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Electromagnetic Pulse

Here at Prep-Blog we try to focus on emergency preparedness for the most likely disaster scenarios you are likely to face. Generally, things like earthquakes, hurricanes, bad storms, localized civil unrest, etc… tend to attract our attention as they are … Continue reading

Product Reviews

Over the last month or so I’ve picked up a few products that I think are worth mentioning here at Prep-Blog. I’ve read a couple of new books on solar power that helped me come up with my strategy for … Continue reading

Reading Material for Preppers

This article reviews four diverse books, of possible interest to preppers: 1. Disaster Preparedness Handbook 2. First Aid for Babies and Children fast 3. Small-Scale Grain Raising 4. Solar Gardening Each of these books is useful for prepping in its … Continue reading

book review: Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook

This article is a concise review of the book: Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis by Peggy Layton The author has provided a concise overview of basic … Continue reading