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Going Off-grid: Wind or Solar?

The two most common options for off-grid electrical power are wind and solar. This post discusses the pros and cons of each option. First off, I’d like to point out that the amount of power you get from either wind … Continue reading

Solar Water Distillation: several designs compared

As I discussed in a previous post, water is one of the more difficult prepping issues. Suppose that one disaster or another knocks out the power. You won’t have town/city water on which to rely. There are many different water … Continue reading

Wind Turbines versus Solar Panels

This prepping and survival blog post compares wind turbines to solar panels — the two most common off-grid power sources. A 100-watt solar panel sells (as of this writing) for around $200 to $250, making the price about $2 to … Continue reading

Reflecting on 2012, Preparing for 2013

Every New Years I like to take some time to reflect on what has happened over the past 12 months and evaluate my Preps for the year ahead.  As this year comes to a close I consider myself very lucky … Continue reading

Low Temperature Cooking in a Solar Oven

I’ve completed the first build of my solar oven design. I’ll go over the specs quickly, before we discuss cooking with the oven. First Build The oven is made from cardboard boxes, aluminized mylar (emergency ‘space’ blankets), cotton for insulation … Continue reading

Solar Oven Design: insulation

A solar oven needs a clear window on top, reflectors to increase the sunlight and therefore the energy going into the oven, a black surface to turn that light into heat, and insulation, so that the heat is retained, rather … Continue reading

Solar Oven Design: size and shape

To build a useful solar oven, we must pay attention to certain design features. The most important features are size, shape, insulation, interior color, reflectors, and heat retention. For this article, let’s consider the size and shape of the oven. … Continue reading

Solar Oven Design — part 1

My goal for this project is to design an inexpensive easy-to-build low temperature solar oven that can be used for a few different purposes: 1. to pasteurize water by heat 2. to produce distilled water 3. to cook food at … Continue reading

Going Solar – The Deep Freeze

As some of you may have read in my previous posts, I’m interested in putting together a Prudent and Reasonable solar power system that would be useful in situations where the electric grid may be either unreliable or completely down … Continue reading

Going Solar; First Steps; Baby Steps…

I put up a post a few days ago about my desire to have at least some ability to power my house through solar energy. My initial discussion with a vendor in my area was somewhat frustrating as they are … Continue reading

Going Solar?

For a time I was thinking that I’d like to have my primary residence outfitted with enough solar panels so I could run the place completely “off grid”. Lately I’ve been having second thoughts. I’m not so sure that’s the … Continue reading

The Usefulness of Solar Ovens

There are two types of supplies that one might store in preparation for short- or long-term disasters: consumables and non-consumables. The problem with storing food and water, is that you will probably use up your stored supplies within a relatively … Continue reading