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A U.S. Epidemic affecting Kids: Enterovirus D68

Read the CDC question and answer page for this disease here. The disease is currently active in 10 mid-Western states. The CDC says just over 100 people have become infected, but news reports put the number much higher. The Washington … Continue reading

Sig Sauer versus the BATFE on the MPX Muzzle Brake

The MPX is a sweet new pistol-caliber carbine (PCC) from Sig Sauer. The military/LEO and civilian market place needed a new PCC. The venerable MP5 is outdated. It lacks the features of a modern AR — rails all around, AR … Continue reading

ISIL and the Possibility of a Second 9/11

The storyline to the cable series “Homeland” includes a fictitious event called “America’s Second 9/11″ in the show. That event was a highly unlikely car-bomb, set off at a large gathering at CIA headquarters, which killed 219 persons. It’s a … Continue reading

Should You Hang up on the 911 Operator?

Over at The Truth About Guns blog, they’re having a running discussion on this question: In the case of a home invasion (or similar situation), after calling 911 and giving them the relevant information, should you hang up the phone, … Continue reading

What Will They Ban Next? Body Armor apparently

The anti-gun sentiment among legislators has reached a new high (or is that “low”). Three U.S. Representatives — democrats from Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois — have introduced a bill to “prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body … Continue reading

The Science of Hangovers

I read an interesting article over at Epicurious: The Science Behind Everything You Need to Know About Hangovers. The article there left out a few salient points, so I thought I’d write a quick post on the subject. This info … Continue reading

Several Ebola Vaccines Are In Development

In my previous post, I described a new treatment for Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) called ZMapp. It’s a concoction of three antibodies (proteins) that attach to the virus and help the immune system fight the disease. The current post will … Continue reading

Weekly Survival Reader: Aug 25-29

This popular feature at is a single webpage where you can access our continually growing list of top posts, articles, and resources for prepping and survival. The list is organized on a daily basis. And we’ll be adding a … Continue reading

ZMapp: Controversial Treatment for Ebola

The haves and the have-nots. What if we lived in a world where a serious disease ravaged the nations, and only the wealthy and influential could obtain a cure for that disease. That day could be coming soon. Ebola is … Continue reading

3D Printing for Gun Parts and Accessories

I’m not a fan of the concept of 3D printed firearms. Even if it were legal, a gun you print yourself might not be safe to operate. 3D printed metal is not as strong as a part CNC machined from … Continue reading

How California’s “kill switch” Smartphone Law might be misused

CA just passed a bill requiring all new smartphones, made after July 1, 2015 and sold in the State, to have a function (“kill switch”) that allows the user to lock the phone, delete data, and prevent a reinstallation of … Continue reading

Purifying Water with White Wine

I ran across an older post on water purification at the “36 Ready Blog” — Water Purification: Simple and Inexpensive Methods. One of the many options for water purification was mixing the water with wine. Now to be clear, this … Continue reading