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Use a Grow-out to Increase Seeds for Your Crops

Let’s say you have a single pound of wheat — whole berries which can be planted as seed or eaten. Well, there is not much nutrition in only one pound of wheat. You could eat for a day or so. … Continue reading

Subsistence Farming for Survival

To my mind, survivalism goes beyond prepping, so as to add complete or near-complete self-sufficiency. And that is beyond the preparedness level of most serious preppers. So while a prepper might have an extensive backyard garden, as a supplemental food … Continue reading

Indoor Survival Gardening

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, survival gardening when the SHTF is problematic. Thefts from a backyard garden or small farm will be rampant, and with each theft, you lose food, there’s damage to the garden, and you’ve lost labor … Continue reading

Stealth Survival Gardening after the SHTF

One of the most difficult problems in survival gardening is vulnerability to theft. After the SHTF, the unprepared will be desperate for food and willing to commit crimes to get it. But the problem is not simply theft of edible … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: the small farm

When the SHTF, how will the local small farm survive and thrive? What preparations can be made beforehand? Half of all farms in the U.S. have 45 acres or less of cropland [1]. And there are about 2 million farms … Continue reading

The Top Five Challenges of Survival Gardening

Whether you are new to gardening or not, the use of a large backyard garden to produce food for survival is significantly different from recreational gardening. There are serious problems to be overcome, challenges to be faced, and failure means … Continue reading

Top Survival Crops: Fonio

Fonio is a little-known grain in the Western world. The book “Lost Crops of Africa” has an entire chapter devoted to Fonio, also called “Acha”. It is a survival grain for many people in Africa because it reaches maturity sooner … Continue reading

The Best Gardening Seeds for Prepping

There are really only 4 strategies for dealing with a disaster that disrupts the food supply: (1) store a wide range of different foods (2) buy whatever foods are still available (3) hunting, fishing, gathering food from nature (4) produce … Continue reading

Estimating Yields in a Survival Garden

Recently, average U.S. commercial yields for corn reached an all-time high of 9,576 lbs (171 bushels) per acre. Can you obtain a similar, scaled-down yield in your survival garden? And we might ask the same question for many other crops. … Continue reading

Hulless Barley and Hulless Oats

It’s not practical to grow wheat or rice in your backyard garden. Both those grains need to be hulled in order to be edible. The additional time and expense is probably not worthwhile, for a small amount of grain. But … Continue reading

Survival Gardening: 8 Costly Mistakes

I participate in a local community gardening program. For a modest fee, I rent some gardening space at a local farm. It’s fertile soil, and they till the garden bed for you. They also provide a water source for watering … Continue reading

7 Reasons to use Transplants in a Survival Garden

Should you direct seed your garden — planting seeds directly in the ground — or grow the seedlings in small containers, then transplant them into the garden? Many crops benefit from the transplant method, for several reasons: 1. Less seed … Continue reading