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An Excellent Solar Oven for Survival

A new solar oven has been designed and offered as a Kickstarter project: GoSun Grill. The oven features a large heat-resistant double tube with a vacuum for insulation, and a parabolic reflector to focus the sun’s rays on the tubular … Continue reading

My Latest Pizza Recipe

This recipe is from scratch, with no need to knead the dough. You can use pasta sauce or crushed tomatoes or tomato paste for the pizza sauce. Top with fresh veggies from the garden. This post is a little off-topic … Continue reading

How To Make Bread Starter from Wild Yeast

Suppose that you have plenty of wheat flour, but very little yeast. You can stretch the yeast by making a bread starter. This technique is commonly used to make sourdough bread, but you can use a starter for almost any … Continue reading

Cooking for Preppers: Easy No-knead Bread

Baking bread is one of those basic skills that every prepper should acquire, for a few reasons. First, making your own bread is cheaper than any store-bought bread, as cheap as 50 cents to a dollar a loaf. Second, homemade … Continue reading

Stored Food Recipes: Pizza for Preppers

Many preppers have a large amount of stored staple food — flour, rice, pasta, legumes, oil, sugar, etc. — but not too much experience cooking from stored food. Readers have repeatedly raised the question, in response to my 50-dollar 30-day … Continue reading

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Whenever I go to the store I usually spend a few extra minutes wandering around looking for any good prepping items that I may need to stock up on, that are on sale, or perhaps that I just never thought … Continue reading

Valuable Skills For Preppers

Anyone who’s serious about Prepping should know that they need to develop knowledge and skills in critical areas.  That storing food, water, and other items is simply not enough.  You have to have the brain power to put your tools … Continue reading

Avoiding Bacterial Contamination of Food

In survival and prepping type situations, keeping food from bacterial contamination is an important consideration. This applies to food in long-term storage, as well as food in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. To avoid food spoilage and possible food poisoning … Continue reading

Post-SHTF Cooking Tips

Storing food and water is one of the most important aspects of emergency preparedness. We offer a number of articles on this topic here at Prep-Blog. But this prepping and survival post is about how to use stored food most … Continue reading

How to Store Eggs

When you are planning which foods to store medium-term (months) or long-term (years), eggs are problematic. Dried foods like rice and pasta will store well for a long time, almost forever, if kept cool, dry, and sealed. Most frozen foods … Continue reading

New Alcohol Stove Design for Prepping

In a previous article, I discussed using alcohol stoves for post-SHTF cooking. The advantages of an alcohol stove are several. They are compact and store easily. The fuel is relatively safe and readily available. You don’t have the smoke of … Continue reading

Methods of Home Food Preservation

This article is a quick overview of different methods of food preservation that can be used by preppers, including: boiling water canning, pressure canning, freezing, drying, vacuum bags, salting, pickling, jams and jellies. When using any method of home food … Continue reading