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Survival Gardening: beans of every kind

If you are growing food for survival, you will need several different garden sources of protein. Worldwide, the top protein crops are grains (maize, rice, wheat, barley), tubers (potato, sweet potato, cassava), and legumes (beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas). The most … Continue reading

Basic Survival Recipes

Over the last week or so Thoreau has put up several articles relating to survival food storage and I’ve seen plenty of comments from our readers asking about specific survival food recipes.  I’d like to weigh in here. Now I’m … Continue reading

Make Your Own Instant Quinoa

I stumbled across this method of making an instant version of healthy quinoa grain when I was trying out my new grain mill. In order to mill quinoa into flour, you first have to wash it. Quinoa has a coating … Continue reading

Low Temperature Cooking in a Solar Oven

I’ve completed the first build of my solar oven design. I’ll go over the specs quickly, before we discuss cooking with the oven. First Build The oven is made from cardboard boxes, aluminized mylar (emergency ‘space’ blankets), cotton for insulation … Continue reading

Alcohol Stoves for post-SHTF Cooking

I’m looking into the use of small portable alcohol stoves, of the type used for camping and hiking, to cook food in any type of post-disaster scenario. First, I did quite a bit of reading online about these stoves. Then, … Continue reading

Food Preparation without Heat

Cooked food has several important advantages: it kills pathogens, makes some foods easier to digest, and deactivates certain anti-nutritional factors. Cooked food also keeps longer in the refrigerator, since it has less bacteria than raw food. Why is soup one … Continue reading

DIY: Cashew milk and Walnut milk

I like soymilk, especially on cold cereal. As a drink, though, soymilk has a less than desirable soy after-taste. I could make my own soymilk, but the commercial product is readily available and inexpensive. So I’ve opted for some more … Continue reading

More On Cooking Post SHTF

Being able to cook a decent meal for yourself and your family during and after a disaster scenario has got to be at or near the top of your list of things to do when Prepping.  The thing is, while … Continue reading

Fresh Milk Substitutes: taste and nutrition

This article compares several different beverages that might serve as a sufficient substitute for fresh milk in case of disruption to the food supply, or in cases of loss of electrical power and refrigeration. These options for fresh milk substitutes … Continue reading

Post SHTF Cooking Options

While we all take the time to store food, water, and other supplies to be used in the event of an emergency, fewer people take the time to consider exactly how they will prepare their meals if the power is … Continue reading

Solar Oven Design: size and shape

To build a useful solar oven, we must pay attention to certain design features. The most important features are size, shape, insulation, interior color, reflectors, and heat retention. For this article, let’s consider the size and shape of the oven. … Continue reading

Solar Oven Design — part 1

My goal for this project is to design an inexpensive easy-to-build low temperature solar oven that can be used for a few different purposes: 1. to pasteurize water by heat 2. to produce distilled water 3. to cook food at … Continue reading