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DIY Pandemic Preparedness Kit

This kit is not specific to any particular disease or type of infection. It is a suggested do-it-yourself kit for bacterial and viral diseases in general. The scenario this kit envisions is a widespread disease and a temporary inability to … Continue reading

How is Ebola Spread? Is it Airborne?

Why is Ebola spreading to doctors and nurses who take proper precautions? These are health care professionals who are well-informed about Ebola. They know it is a contagious and deadly disease. They are taking the usual precautions when dealing with … Continue reading

How to keep Ebola from destroying the U.S. hospital system

Ebola is coming to the United States. And I’m not talking about isolated cases of travelers from West Africa. There will be a major Ebola outbreak in the U.S., maybe not this year, but in the not so distant future. … Continue reading

Fever Screening for Ebola: Zebras or Horses?

In modern medicine, there’s an often use metaphor when diagnosing diseases: Zebras. You hear hoof beats in the distance. It could be zebras or horses. They sound exactly the same from far away. But which is more likely? The lesson … Continue reading

The Ebola situation just got incalculably worse

The World Health Organization has issued a manual on using blood from someone who survived Ebola to treat a current victim of the disease. The problem, of course, is that the number of victims is always greater than the number … Continue reading

Why You Should Worry About Ebola

Have you seen those articles and posts telling us all that we shouldn’t worry about Ebola? There’s this NBC opinion piece: Ebola Phobia? 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Panic Over This Virus. Five whole reasons? Well, I can only … Continue reading

2 HIV drugs might work against Ebola

It turns out that Ebola and HIV are similar in the way that they replicate. So researchers are looking into certain HIV drugs, to see if they will also be effective against Ebola. The advantage is that these drugs can … Continue reading

A Quick Summary of the Latest Ebola News

* Ebola is spreading at about the same rate, maybe a little less, as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic Sources: Wikipedia, New England Journal of Medicine * The CDC estimates that there will be approximately 8,000 confirmed and probable cases … Continue reading

Multi-vitamin Multi-mineral Supplements for Survival

So here’s the scenario. Some SHTF or “End of the Supermarket as We Know It” situation has disrupted the food supply. Now you are eating from your stored food and your survival garden. You may have built up a good … Continue reading

The Military versus Ebola: necessary and futile

There’s no other disease like Ebola (EVD). The disease itself is worse than the black plague: higher death rate and in terms of today’s medicine no cure and no vaccine (yet). The fatality rate is somewhere between 50% and 90%. … Continue reading

A U.S. Epidemic affecting Kids: Enterovirus D68

Read the CDC question and answer page for this disease here. The disease is currently active in 10 mid-Western states. The CDC says just over 100 people have become infected, but news reports put the number much higher. The Washington … Continue reading

The Science of Hangovers

I read an interesting article over at Epicurious: The Science Behind Everything You Need to Know About Hangovers. The article there left out a few salient points, so I thought I’d write a quick post on the subject. This info … Continue reading