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Unprecedented Outbreak of Ebola in Africa

Here’s the news report: An outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa has spread to Guinea’s capital and beyond its borders in an “unprecedented epidemic,” a leading aid agency reported Monday. A total of 122 patients are suspected of … Continue reading

Which Supplements Should You Store? Selenium

Not every vitamin or mineral supplement is good for your health. Generally-speaking, the best way to obtain the nutrients that you need for survival and good health is from your food. But selenium is an exception to that rule. The … Continue reading

If We Lose the Antibiotics Battle

There’s a fight going on in medicine today, a battle between medical researchers seeking new antibiotics and bacteria developing resistance to those antibiotics. And medicine is losing ground. Resistance to antibiotics is spreading, and fewer new antibiotics are available to … Continue reading

Prepping for the 2013-2014 Flu Season

Flu season is fast approaching. In the U.S., flu activity commonly peaks in January or February, but it can begin as early as October or November. The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and … Continue reading

Update on the MERS Outbreak

MERS is an infectious disease called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It is related to SARS, but much more deadly. The first cases were identified in September of 2012. In February of 2013, there were only 13 confirmed cases, but 7 … Continue reading

Will You Survive the Next Pandemic?

I know what you’re thinking. If this is an article on how to survive the NEXT pandemic, when was the last pandemic? Was it the outbreak of Spanish flu in the early 20th century that killed tens of millions? Well, … Continue reading

Medical Tricorders: the ultimate in prepping healthcare?

You know what a “medical tricorder” is, right? It’s that device, looking suspiciously like a cassette recorder, used on Star Trek to scan an injured or ill person to diagnose their problem. In later versions of Star Trek, the device … Continue reading

Global Pandemic Possible: two new viruses threaten

H7N9 In a few previous posts, I’ve been cautioning everyone about the possibility of an epidemic, or even a pandemic, caused by a new bird flu virus: H7N9. See my posts: The Latest Bird Flu Threat: H7N9 and Update on … Continue reading

Update on the Bird Flu Threat

Last month, I posted about the threat from a new version of the flu: the H7N9 bird flu. This disease is not a hybrid bird/swine virus, like the H1N1 that did some significant damage a few years back. It is … Continue reading

U.S. Hospital Capacity Breaking Point

In our on-going discussion of prepping and survival topics, we often consider various possible disasters, from small to large, from short-term to long-term, and how we might prudently prepare. Many of these disaster scenarios involve a sharp increase in injuries … Continue reading

The Latest Bird Flu Threat: H7N9

A new version of avian influenza (bird flu) has developed in China, and has begun to spread from poultry to people. This new bird flu has been given the designation H7N9. Earlier this year (2013), the first known human cases … Continue reading

Salt, glorious salt

Table salt is inexpensive, easy to store, keeps indefinitely, and has a myriad of uses in prepping and survival scenarios. This blog post is a quick overview of the benefits of storing table salt with your food supplies. Table salt … Continue reading