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An Electrical Storm compared to EMP

Only a few days after my post on How an EMP Disaster would Endanger Our Lives, our region experienced a strong electrical storm. A bolt of lightning struck very near to my house, causing a host of problems. All the … Continue reading

CR123a Flashlights

For years I was obsessed with powerful flashlights that ran off of CR123a lithium batteries.  For a long time these were the brightest, most powerful flashlights available and I bought a few of them for my home, car, and backpack. … Continue reading

Passive Measures for Home Defense

Any type of emergency preparedness should take into account the need for home defense. There are active measures you can use, such as guns for home defense, various less-lethal self-defense options, or a good-sized dog. But in this post, I’d … Continue reading

Butch On Night Vision

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about purchasing a night vision device (NVD).  I started getting curious about NVDs after reading a couple of post-SHTF novels and seeing the great advantage the characters in the books had over the … Continue reading

Dealing With Stress In An Emergency

Handling stress during a prolonged emergency situation can be very difficult to say the least. How you handle this stress may make the difference between life and death. In the aftermath of a hurricane, earthquake, winter storm, or any of … Continue reading

Emergency Lighting Product Review

For short-term power outages, there are a number of different inexpensive emergency lighting products you can store and use. This article reviews three options: chemical SnapLights (white vs. green), the 6″ Sterno emergency candle, and Emergency Essentials’ liquid paraffin candle. … Continue reading