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Which States Are the Most Gun Friendly?

The following list of gun-friendly States was taken from a few different online articles on the subject. To vote, choose up to 5 States. For some background information on each State and its gun laws, see: Top 10 Gun-Friendly States … Continue reading

Poll: What will happen in 2014?

Part of prepping is looking ahead to the future with reasonable anticipation of possible problems or disasters we might need to face. Considering which problems are most likely helps us to focus our prepping over a range of possibilities. With … Continue reading

Prepping Poll: Politics and Prepping

At Prep-Blog, we don’t like to delve too deeply into politics, especially when it comes to particular candidates or politicians. We think prepping is compatible with a wide range of possible political views. But there is no denying that politics … Continue reading

Prepping Poll: Your Favorite Survival Topics

I’m interested in which topics preppers prefer for their reading pleasure and edification. This poll allows multiple choices; please choose your top 3 favorite topics. You can also choose ‘other’ and then add a comment with a topic not listed … Continue reading