The Peaks and Valleys of Dating after the SHTF

A tongue in cheek assessment of your options.

We all know what the present-day dating situation is like. It’s not all sunshine and roses. Online dating is a risky proposition. And then, if you live in a small town (as I do), the local crowd might offer slim (or not-so-slim) pickings. It’s true there’s plenty of fish in the sea. But finding the right one is not so easy, nonetheless.

What will happen to the dating scene after the SHTF? There could be big changes. Online dating will become too risky. It may be used by miscreants to target individuals for robbery. The internet and cell phone system might be down periodically, or out of commission for long stretches. Then you will have to meet people IRL (“in real life”). On the other hand, if you do find a date, it might be better to be without the distractions of texting and apps and calls.

Who will you date? Presently, if Alice is a real looker, and Barbara is not as pretty, I suppose you’d choose Alice. But I forgot to mention that Barbara can cook up a storm, has a chest freezer full of food, and enjoys tending her vegetable garden. Alice wants to be wined and dined, likes expensive gifts, and expects you to provide everything she needs. After the SHTF, I think Barbara is the better choice. (Maybe she’s the better choice before the SHTF, too.) And a lot of guys are going to come to their senses and adjust their priorities, once the economy and the nation begin to unravel. Alice is going to be kind of lonely, poor gal.

The same change in dating priorities might happen for the ladies, too. The less handsome guy, who is well prepared with guns and food, suddenly seems more attractive. He’ll do better in the dating world, after the SHTF. Food and security are going to be big selling points in the new dating market. The guys and gals who have useful skills, in an uncertain and dangerous world, will be seen as more desirable than our better looking, but less useful competition.

Some women today prefer a guy who is financially successful, because he can provide for her (and her three kids from her first two marriages). After the economy falls apart, many women will choose guys who can also provide, by means of various prepping skills and equipment. And suddenly, they will no longer mind the camouflage pants and 5.11 vest with too many pockets.

And all this will come as quite a shock to the type of women who are called “high maintenance”. You know the type. She likes expensive clothes, shoes, and jewelry. She expects guys to pursue her and tend to her every wish. But she can’t cook, or garden, or hunt, or fish. And she’s useless in a fight, whether its firearms or fisticuffs.

Women should learn how to shoot. It’s a basic self-defense skill. That’s what I like in a gal, that she can clear a plate rack, blindfolded, with a .22 pistol. I’m getting too old to fight to defend my lady. She should defend herself (and me, too, come to think of it). With gunpowder and lead. And it would be nice, but not absolutely required, if she could do some reloading.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little here. But the point is solid. Lots of people will be reevaluating their relationships, once a long-term disaster strikes. Seriously. Women will begin to realize that if a guy can’t provide, in the new and ruinous version of society, she should kick him to the curb. The self-sufficient guy or gal with a large vegetable garden, plenty of ammo, and a mess of useful skills will be seen a new light. I’m hoping.

– Thoreau

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