Replenish Your Electrolytes in One Simple Meal

The six electrolytes we all need from food are: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and Chloride. Those last two are of course provided by table salt (sodium chloride). Dairy foods, like milk and cheese, provide plenty of calcium and phosphorus. Whole grains and seeds provide magnesium. Potatoes and tomato soup are high in potassium.

If you would like to replenish your electrolytes with one simple meal, here’s a couple of options.

Version One:
Two slices of whole wheat bread (2 oz), plus 2 oz of cheddar cheese, grilled with 1 tbsp butter (grilled cheese sandwich). Then drink one cup of milk. It doesn’t have to be 2%, as in the example below. Also, eat 3 oz of potato chips and 2 oz of pumpkin seeds.

This meal provides a day’s worth of magnesium and phosphorus, along with plenty of calcium, potassium, and salt. There’s also plenty of protein and carbs, though it’s a little high in fat.

Version Two:
For this lower calorie version, substitute tomato soup in place of the potato chips. Then substitute a lettuce, tomato, and cheese sandwich (with a little low-fat or fat-free salad dressing) instead of the grilled cheese sandwich. Also, use 1% milk or skim milk instead of 2% milk. The lettuce and tomato and maybe a little onion don’t add substantially to the electrolytes or the calories. They are mainly for flavor and a little fiber. The tomato soup is Campbell’s condensed soup, prepared with an equal amount of water for a total of 1-1/2 cups. This second meal has about 450 less calories and about 40% less fat, but about the same amount of electrolytes.

– Thoreau

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