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Sale on Mountain House Freeze-Dried Foods

Our advertiser, Ready Made Resources, is having a sale on Mountain House foods: 32 to 60% off all summer long. Mountain House is well-known among preppers and survivalists for their high-quality freeze-dried foods. The freeze-dry process allows a much wider … Continue reading

Superfoods for Preppers: Olive Oil

One mistake that I notice some preppers making is not storing enough dietary fat. Everyone stores grains, dry beans, other dry goods. Not everyone stores vegetable oil. Why? We are all bombarded with subtle and not-so-subtle messages in the media, … Continue reading

The Copper content of Nuts, Seeds, and Legumes

Storing foods high in carbohydrates is relatively easy: white long-grain rice and white pasta keep very well and are high in carbs. But stored protein is more problematic. Rice offers about 8% of its calories in the form of protein, … Continue reading

Sale on Freeze-Dried Food for your Preps

Our advertiser, Ready Made Resources, is having a sale on Mountain House freeze-dried foods: 25 to 60% off (with free shipping for orders of 6 cans or more). Mountain House is well-known among preppers and survivalists for their high-quality freeze-dried … Continue reading

How much Protein should you Store?

I’ve been reading up on diet and health lately — as you might have surmised from some of my recent posts. One interesting question is how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates is best for a healthy diet. And this affects … Continue reading

Which Supplements Should You Store? Zinc

Not every vitamin or mineral supplement is good for your health, especially when the dosage is high. All the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are necessary to health. But in excessive amounts any nutrient might be harmful. For my own preps … Continue reading

Prepping in a Small Town

I now live and prep in a small town of a few thousand residents. There’s no Walmart or Target or Home Depot or other “big box” type store in easy driving distance. It’s not the suburbs of any city. Not … Continue reading

Foods to Avoid: Brazil Nuts

Nuts are an excellent food to add to your food stores. Most nuts are highly nutritious, offering plenty of protein and healthy fat, as well as some vitamins and minerals. But not every type of nut is healthy. Brazil nuts … Continue reading

GMO-Free Food for Prepping and Survival

If you are trying to eat healthy and also prepping for various survival scenarios, you may have difficulty finding food for storage that is GMO-free (free from genetically-altered crops). Our advertiser, Ready Made Resources, has a new line of 100% … Continue reading

Which Type of Rice Should You Store?

This question is not so simple. There are basically three types of rice: white rice, brown rice, and parboiled rice. Then there are different grain lengths within each of those types. Choosing one over the other usually involves some trade-offs. … Continue reading

Superfoods for Preppers: Berries

Storing and/or growing food is one of the cornerstones of prepping and survival. On that score, my first concern is the macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. For short-term survival, those are the three main nutrients that you need. Long-term, though, … Continue reading

Superfoods for Preppers: Walnuts

What is a superfood? It’s a food that is particularly high in nutrition, especially in nutritional components beyond the basic macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates). Often, a superfood has (or is claimed to have) beneficial health effects, beyond basic sustenance. … Continue reading