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Food Storage: the Best Canned Foods

Which canned foods are best for their nutritional value? Should you stored canned goods at all? The main staples of my stored food is rice, pasta, wheat flour, and vegetable oil. But canned goods add food options not easily obtained … Continue reading

Why You Should Store Sunflower Seeds

Most preppers store a lot of grains, such as rice, pasta, flour, and maybe some whole wheat berries. And a grain-based diet makes good sense. Grains store well and contain plenty of carbs and some protein. But grains don’t have … Continue reading

The Four Cornerstones of Food Storage

The four cornerstones of my stored food strategy are: (1) vegetable oil, (2) wheat, (3) rice, (4) seeds/nuts. This “cornerstone” strategy uses four items as daily (or almost daily) sources of the three macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Various types … Continue reading

6 Ways Famine might grip the U.S.

1. EMP – one nuclear bomb, detonated high in the ionosphere, can ruin your whole decade. Most of the U.S. could be without power for a very long time. Computers and anything using computer components would be burned out. It’s … Continue reading

Fishing as a Supplemental Source of Food

I happen to live near the ocean, in Massachusetts. I can walk to at least a couple of different locations, a bridge and a jetty, where the fishing is good. There are plenty of amateur fishermen in the area. Some … Continue reading

Subsistence Farming for Survival

To my mind, survivalism goes beyond prepping, so as to add complete or near-complete self-sufficiency. And that is beyond the preparedness level of most serious preppers. So while a prepper might have an extensive backyard garden, as a supplemental food … Continue reading

The 11 Most Important Foods To Store

Storing food is one of the bedrock tasks of any serious Prepper. When the SHTF, you can buy food at much higher prices — if any is still available. You can grow your own food, if you have the resources … Continue reading

No Internet equals No Food

I touched on this subject in a previous post: Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet. In considering what would happen if we lost the internet for a lengthy period of time, I reached a strange but compelling … Continue reading

Leaf Protein Concentrate – a survival food

The leaves of many plants are a good source of protein: amaranth, spinach, lettuce, kale, alfalfa, as well as the leaves from plants that produce other edibles: beans, grains, sweet potato, etc. The main problem with leaves as a protein … Continue reading

My Top 20 Survival Food Crops

In alphabetical order, not order of importance, here are my top 20 picks for survival food crops: 1. amaranth – high in carbs, a complete protein, high yielding, easy to harvest (no hulling). 2. beans – good source of protein, … Continue reading

Shelf-stable Milk as a Prepping Resource

When the SHTF, certain aspects of modern life, which are most vulnerable to disruption, will fall first. Food, especially perishables, are likely to be the first to go. It’s fairly easy for the agricultural system to ramp up production of … Continue reading

The Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

The typical grocery-store version of molasses is not blackstrap. It’s watered down or sugared up. True blackstrap molasses is thicker, less sweet, and much better for you. How can you tell the difference? Check the nutrition label. Blackstrap molasses is … Continue reading