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When Money Can’t Buy Food

Sooner or later, it will happen. Some kind of disaster will unfold, wreaking havoc in the economy, panicking consumers, and thereby triggering a run on the grocery stores. You might remember that, in March of 2011, an undersea earthquake triggered … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: the small farm

When the SHTF, how will the local small farm survive and thrive? What preparations can be made beforehand? Half of all farms in the U.S. have 45 acres or less of cropland [1]. And there are about 2 million farms … Continue reading

Table Salt: a cheap and useful Prepping supply

Ordinary table salt is inexpensive, even if you buy brand-name at retail. It is cheap cheap stuff. But it’s also a sometimes overlooked prepping supply. This post is a quick overview of the usefulness of salt. First, table salt (NaCl) … Continue reading

Wasted Agricultural Land and Future Food Shortages

A food disaster in the U.S. is inevitable. The drought in California continues unabated. We are relying, more and more, on imported food, and at the same time, food exports are increasing. The amount of agricultural land in the U.S. … Continue reading

Top Survival Crops: Fonio

Fonio is a little-known grain in the Western world. The book “Lost Crops of Africa” has an entire chapter devoted to Fonio, also called “Acha”. It is a survival grain for many people in Africa because it reaches maturity sooner … Continue reading

The Fragility of U.S. Agriculture

Of all the possible SHTF scenarios that we might face, here in the United States, in the near future, one of the most likely is a food and agriculture disaster. Agriculture is the foundation of modern civilization. Yet the amount … Continue reading

Can California Agriculture Survive the Drought?

Few people realize how severe the current drought in California is. Droughts are gauged by the U.S. Drought Monitor on a scale of D0 to D4: D0 – abnormally dry D1 – moderate drought D2 – severe drought D3 – … Continue reading

Prepping Equipment: Make Your Own Nut Milk and Soup

One of my nicer X-mas presents this year was a Soyajoy G4 nut milk and soup maker (stainless steel model). This machine deserves consideration by every prepper, as a way to make milk substitutes: soy milk, sunflower seed milk, almond … Continue reading

Stocking up on Food for the New Year

The next calendar year, 2016, could prove to be a tipping point. Our food security (and overall security) could change for the worse. So I’ve started a reassessment of my stored foods. I use a spreadsheet that calculates the total … Continue reading

Food Supply: the Danger of Monocultures

A monoculture is a large area with exactly the same type of plant. If a farmer plants a field of wheat, technically, it’s a monoculture, since it is only one variety of one species of plant. But when people talk … Continue reading

14 Wild Turkeys crossed the Road

The other day, I had to stop my car to let a flock of wild turkeys walk leisurely across the road. I counted them: 14 fat birds. I don’t know anything about the legality (or illegality) of killing delicious-looking wild … Continue reading

How Much Storage Space for One Year’s Food?

If you wish to store more than a month or two’s worth of food, storage space becomes an issue. What if you wanted to store 6 months’ worth of food, or a year or more? How much storage space do … Continue reading