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Man Wrongfully Convicted in 1989 Brooklyn Murder Is Set Free

Here’s the news story from Yahoo! News. This man served nearly 25 years of a 25-to-life sentence for a murder he provably did not commit. The 51-year-old Fleming had said from the start that he couldn’t have shot Darryl “Black” … Continue reading

Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers is casting Season 4

here’s the e-mail I received from them: My name is David and I’m a producer for National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers.” We’re currently casting for our upcoming Season 4 episodes. This season we are looking to move towards a more educational … Continue reading

8 Strategies to Cope with SHTF Price Jumps

In any SHTF scenario, prices are going to jump very dramatically. This can happen to particular food items, or even to food in general. It can occur with guns and ammo, or electrical backup generators, or gasoline. A disaster might … Continue reading

Is Self-Sufficiency Too Time-Consuming?

Prepping and survival blogs, including this one, are replete with advice and commentary on all kinds of ways to be self-sufficient: grow your own food, raise chickens, install solar power, grind your own flour, and many other tasks. And self-sufficiency … Continue reading

Two Canadians Save Shark Choking on Moose

So after seeing that headline, my first question is: Didn’t they save the moose from the shark, and not the other way around? But another news report clarified that the shark was choking on a piece of a moose carcass … Continue reading

Why Preppers should back the National Food Freedom Initiative

What is the National Food Freedom Initiative? It’s a project of the non-profit Institute of Justice to protect every American’s right to produce their own food, advertise and sell food, and eat as they see fit. Here’s the official website. … Continue reading

North Korea: Nukes, EMP, Firing Squads

As rogue nations go, North Korea is one of the most dangerous. They have nuclear weapons. They have conducted three underground nuclear test explosions. The first seemed to be only partially successful at less than one kiloton yield. The subsequent … Continue reading

Why Preppers “can’t be wrong”

It’s a common objection to prepping, to point out that one disaster scenario or another, for which we prepare, has not occurred. So if we talk about preparing for economic disaster, due to the budget crisis and debt ceiling, and … Continue reading

Recent Disasters: averted or delayed?

In the past few months, we’ve seen impending possible disasters fail to reach fruition, thankfully. But have these disasters been averted, or only delayed? I thought it would be useful to give an overview of several of those scenarios. A … Continue reading

5 Prepping Mistakes I’ve Made

So I’ve been prepping for some time now, and as I look back on my efforts, I realize I’ve made some mistakes. Maybe these are common errors, or maybe it’s just me. But I thought it would be good to … Continue reading

Which Prepping and Survival Blogs Do You Read?

Butch and I (Thoreau) have been writing this prepping blog for almost 2 years now (since Jan 2012). We’ve each written hundreds of posts on prepping and survival. We are both preppers, and we not only write about prepping, we … Continue reading

Should We Exchange Freedom for Security?

In a nation of 316 million residents, the tragedy of serious crime will happen from time to time and place to place. We cannot have a free nation without the possibility of the misuse of those freedoms. We cannot have … Continue reading