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Going Off-grid: Wind or Solar?

The two most common options for off-grid electrical power are wind and solar. This post discusses the pros and cons of each option. First off, I’d like to point out that the amount of power you get from either wind … Continue reading

Wind Turbines versus Solar Panels

This prepping and survival blog post compares wind turbines to solar panels — the two most common off-grid power sources. A 100-watt solar panel sells (as of this writing) for around $200 to $250, making the price about $2 to … Continue reading

Wind Turbine Specs: buyer beware

I’ve been researching wind turbines — the backyard size, not the multi-megawatt off-shore size — off and on for a few years now. What I have found is somewhat disheartening. Some companies offer too little information on their turbine. They … Continue reading