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Lessons from Oroville Dam Evacuation

Here is one of the more comprehensive news articles on the problem: Oroville Dam Spillway Failure: Nearly 190,000 Ordered to Evacuate. What can this evacuation and impending disaster teach us? “We both were kind of shocked. Nothing like this has … Continue reading

The Long-Term Long-Distance Bug-out

Many prepper websites discuss the bug-out. Some disaster scenario unfolds, and your home is no longer safe. You grab your bug-out bags, plural — one for each family member — and hit the road in your favorite bug-out vehicle. Then, … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: the city apartment dweller

As I’ve opined in past posts, rural living lends itself to prepping and survival more so than urban or suburban living, especially when the SHTF. But not everyone can move to a less populated area. What happens if you are … Continue reading

Turn Your Car or Truck into a Practical Survival Vehicle

There’s an older post over at Jalopnik: The Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles. Fun and amusing, but not practical. So, what practical steps can a prepper take to turn an ordinary car or SUV or pickup truck into a survival … Continue reading

Beartooth Radio for Smart SHTF Communication

Your smart phone is a great prepping and survival tool — as long as the cellular network and/or internet are up and running, and you are not out of range of a cell tower. What do you do for communication … Continue reading

Bugging Out across a Body of Water

I live near the water, a short walk from the Atlantic coast. So I thought it would be interesting to consider whether it would ever be advantageous to bug out across a body of water, such as a large lake, … Continue reading

Risk Evaluation before Bugging Out

A well-stocked bug-out bag is one of the staples of prepping. And bugging out is a necessary response to certain disasters. When I lived in Florida, a while back, it was common to see “Hurricane Evacuation Route” signs on the … Continue reading

7 Tips for Bugging Out in the Information Age

When the SHTF and you need to leave your home for parts known or unknown, you’ll want to have some way to continue being a part of the information age. If you’re like me, computing and internet access are important … Continue reading

The Perfect Bug-Out Location; Don’t Overthink It

Many preppers like the idea of having a secure Bug-Out location to head to if the SHTF. ┬áPersonally I’m more of a “Bug In” kind of guy (As I’ve mentioned in the past) but I still get in a lot … Continue reading

Shelter In Place?

During the mayhem that followed the bombings last week at the Boston marathon citizens were advised to “shelter in place” for their safety. ┬áJust about everyone in the country was glued to their television sets watching as events unfolded so … Continue reading

Stranded In The City

As I watched the footage of passengers of Carnival’s cruise ship Triumph recount their tales of being stranded at sea for five days without power it occurred to me that this situation was not all that dissimilar to what happens … Continue reading

Secure Internet Use When Bugging Out

Suppose that you must leave your home for some length of time, days or weeks perhaps, due to some disaster scenario. Of course, similar considerations will apply if you are merely traveling for business or pleasure. But we’ll assume you … Continue reading