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Should A Bug-Out-Bag Contain A Firearm?

Ah, the contents of a Bug-Out-Bag, one of the great points of discussion amongst Preppers and on survival blogs.  Everyone has personal preferences and different needs so naturally the contents of a good BOB are going to vary.  There are … Continue reading

Automobile Break-Ins, It’s that time of year….

This article was inspired by an actual event that happened to me just this past week when my own car was broken into.  I was parked in a well lit area outside a very nice restaurant in my own town, … Continue reading

Change Your Clocks and Check Your Gear

We talk a lot about Bug-Out Bags here on Prep-Blog, and have discussed contents and different applications for them.  For instance, both Thoreau and I are of the mind that our Bug Out Bags are really more of “Get Me … Continue reading

Bugging-In; Choose Your Location Wisely

I’ve written several articles on the concept of Bugging Out in an emergency and anyone who follows Prep-Blog knows that I’m not a fan of the concept.  If you’re just joining us check out an article I wrote a while … Continue reading

An Urban Survival Scenario

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been off-line for the last few days and that’s because I had to make a quick trip to New York City.  While I had a great time, I could not help but … Continue reading

G.O.O.D. Traffic

Obviously I’m not talking about what a typical person would call “good traffic” which flows nicely at just above the posted speed limits and gets you to your destination right on time.  I’m talking about Get Out Of Dodge Traffic. … Continue reading

Camping As A Bug-Out Option

As I’ve been doing more thinking about the option between Bugging-Out and Bugging-In during any given situation I’ve also been going through my supplies and doing a little inventory.  The first thing I’m trying to do is assess my current … Continue reading

More On Bug Out Bags

As I mentioned a week or so ago I’ve been messing around with the contents of my Bug Out Bag and wrestling with what I should have in there and what needs to come out. One big issue I have … Continue reading

Food Storage In Warmer Climates

I was just going through the contents of my Bug Out Bag this morning, as I tend to do every couple of months, and I noticed the food I have stored there has not been fairing too well.  The PowerBars … Continue reading

Mid-Atlantic Power Outages — A Time For “The Partial Bug-Out”?

I’m sure just about everyone has heard about the bad storms over the last week and a half or so that were blamed for the deaths of more than two dozen people and which left almost two million others without … Continue reading

The Bug-Out Conundrum

Just about every Prepping and survival blog or website I’ve seen has articles and information on “Bugging Out” or “Getting Out Of Dodge” (GOOD) as some prefer to call it.  Basically what these folks are talking about and preparing for … Continue reading

Location, Location, Location

When considering how much food, water, and other supplies to store there is one question that is key, yet rarely asked.  That is, “Does the amount of supplies I have correlate properly to the location I plan to hunker down … Continue reading