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Advertising Rates and Terms for Prep-Blog.com


We offer our readers articles and posts on the topic of survival and emergency preparedness. Our approach is to discuss prudent and reasonable actions that our readers might decide to take in order to prepare for a wide range of short-term and longer-term disasters.

Our content includes long articles as well as brief posts. We add fresh content every day or two, and the site currently offers hundreds of original articles. Our advertisers’ banners are displayed on all content pages. We cover a wide range of topics, but with less doom-and-gloom and less sensationalism than on some other survival sites.

The products and services that would be appropriate for advertising on our blog include, but are not limited to: water purification or storage, food storage, emergency preparedness kits, first aid supplies, emergency generators, guns, ammunition, knives, tools, and other preparedness supplies, as well as books, DVDs, or websites on the same or similar topics.

We do not accept ads for products or services which, in our sole discretion, are unrelated to the content of Prep-Blog.com. We do not offer sponsored posts, i.e. posts aimed at promoting a particular product or service. We prefer to keep our editorial content separate from our advertising.


These graphical ads are found in a single column on every content page. Content pages are the front page and all of the article and post pages, as well as the links page(s) and other static pages about the site.

Our ads are NOT rotated. Your advertising graphic is a static image present on every content page of our site. Compared to other Prepping websites, our banner ads are not crowded together; there is space between each ad. We also keep the number of advertisers to a moderate level. You are not competing with a dozen other banner ads.

If you need help composing a banner ad graphic, we might be able to make a graphic ad for you, at no extra charge (beyond the usual banner ad fee). Contact us for more information.

Ad Size:

The width of each graphical ad is a nominal 200 pixels.

However, each ad will automatically resize in accord with the size of the screen that is viewing the site. So if the site is viewed on a smart phone, the ad resizes to fit the ad column beside the content. If the site is viewed on a tablet, again the ad resizes to fit the width of its column. The full width of the ad is just over 200 pixels in a full screen format, e.g. a web browser open to full screen on a typical laptop or desktop. If you are viewing this site on a computer, you can see the resizing effect by changing your web browser width. The purpose of this resizing effect is to keep the entire ad visible, regardless of the size of the screen that is used to view the site. We feel that this approach is better than a static size ad, because static ads will not always remain visible on smaller sized devices.

Graphical ads are available in a number of different nominal heights; the height of the ad also resizes, in proportion to the resized width.

Ad prices are by nominal ad height; width is always a nominal 200 pixels:

Ad Prices:

200 x 200 pixels for $25.00 per month
200 x 300 pixels for $35.00 per month
200 x 400 pixels for $45.00 per month
200 x 500 pixels for $55.00 per month
200 x 600 pixels for $65.00 per month

No ads smaller than 200 pixels high will be accepted.

Ad Graphics Specs:

The graphics file for your ad must be in JPEG or GIF format. All other graphical formats will be converted to JPEG or GIF. No flashing or animated ads are permitted, so as not to annoy our readers. The file size for the ad can be up to 100 KB; larger file sizes will be reduced by jpeg compression.

When you submit your graphical ad, specify the ad height that you prefer. If necessary, we can resize your ad proportionately. So if you submit a 400 x 600 pixel ad, we will resize to 200 x 300 pixels. All ads have the same width, so as to fit well in the same column on the site.

At this time, we do not offer horizontal ads across the top or bottom of any page.

Editorial Approval:

All banner ad submission are subject to editorial approval. If we decide that your ad is not appropriate for our content for any reason, you may submit a different graphical ad, or receive a refund. All graphics files for ads must be hosted on our server. The site and webpage, to which the ad links, are subject to editorial approval. Your product or service must be in keeping with the content and purpose of our website. Ads for unrelated products or services will not be accepted. If you substantially change your website or webpage, so that the ad no longer links to a product or service related to our content, then (in our sole discretion), we may issue you a pro rata refund and remove your ad. The same discretion applies to text links on our Links page(s).

A Note about our Readers

The readers of Prep-Blog.com are interested in preparing for a wide range of possible, even probable, emergencies. Doing so often involves purchasing a wide range of different products or services. We consider the links and banner ads on our website to be a service to our readers, many of whom, we reasonably conclude, consider it useful or necessary to buy products and services in order to be well-prepared for various disasters. Our reader are particularly disposed, more so than on many other websites, to buy our advertisers’ products and services.


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