Is the Desert Tech MDR the ultimate survival rifle?

The guys at Desert Tech make serious rifles for serious operators. Their initial claim to fame was based on their bullpup version of high-end bolt-action sniper rifles, like the SRS-A1. It’s about a foot shorter than a conventional rifle of … Continue reading

Prepping will be very controversial when the SHTF

Right now, prepping is seen by society at large as strange and a little silly. Shows like “Doomsday Preppers” has given prepping a bad name, making us seem like paranoid but harmless eccentrics. The average citizen sees no need to … Continue reading

The Best Gardening Seeds for Prepping

There are really only 4 strategies for dealing with a disaster that disrupts the food supply: (1) store a wide range of different foods (2) buy whatever foods are still available (3) hunting, fishing, gathering food from nature (4) produce … Continue reading

Shot Show 2016: Guns for Preppers

This year’s Shot Show has lots of new guns and related products. I’m interested in guns that are most suitable for prepping and survival purposes: particularly home defense and small game hunting. Here’s a brief partial list (to be updated … Continue reading

Prepping Equipment: Make Your Own Nut Milk and Soup

One of my nicer X-mas presents this year was a Soyajoy G4 nut milk and soup maker (stainless steel model). This machine deserves consideration by every prepper, as a way to make milk substitutes: soy milk, sunflower seed milk, almond … Continue reading

Survival Data: Causes of Death

Causes of Death, by Nathan Yau is an interactive chart showing you the statistical odds, in percentages by age, of different causes of death. For example, the chance that you will die of cancer peaks in your 60′s and 70′s. … Continue reading

Chicago: a second amendment free zone

Chicago is the poster child for the failure of anti-gun laws. But the Chicago situation is also the necessary end result of the current trend in liberal political circles: to restrict or deny guns as much as possible, without regard … Continue reading

Stocking up on Food for the New Year

The next calendar year, 2016, could prove to be a tipping point. Our food security (and overall security) could change for the worse. So I’ve started a reassessment of my stored foods. I use a spreadsheet that calculates the total … Continue reading

Low-tech Living After the SHTF

Any number of disaster scenarios could result in a lengthy loss of electrical power as well as a severe disruption in the supply chain for various high-tech goods and services. The internet could be down, disrupted, or unreachable from your … Continue reading

Nightmare Scenario: Antibiotic Resistant Disease Outbreak

The discovery of Penicillin in 1928 led to one of the biggest advancements in modern medicine: antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Subsequently, numerous different types of antibiotics developed. Many diseases were cured, and this type of medicine was responsible for … Continue reading

The Impending Collapse of Higher Education

I have a controversial theory about higher education in the U.S. I think that the entire system is headed for collapse. Already, the system of higher education is a house of cards. The cost of getting a college degree has … Continue reading

The Fundamental Human Right to Self-Defense

Fundamental human rights are based on our ability to think for ourselves and make our own free choices. Reason and free will give us the desire to think for ourselves, and the right. It is part of our very nature … Continue reading