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Product: Radar Scattering Camo Netting

Our advertiser, Ready Made Resources, has a very limited supply of this hard to find item: Radar Scattering Camo Netting with Repair Kit. Includes one OCTAGONAL 30′X30′ netting and one 15′X15′ SQUARE netting and a repair kit. NATO Stock Number … Continue reading

GyverGear: crowdfunded survival gear

A new Indiegogo “crowdfunding” project just went live. It’s called “GyverGear”. Their motto is “Survive like a Navy SEAL”. Here’s the Indiegogo page and the GyverGear website. The guy behind the project is a Navy SEAL. Since he does not … Continue reading

Choosing a Survival Blanket

There are several different types of blankets that are suitable for prepping and survival purposes. Which type you choose depends on a number of factors: warmth, size and weight, suitability for outdoor use, and cost. You can spend under $10 … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts for Preppers

If your family member or significant other is a prepper, or even a dedicated survivalist, what sort of gift might you get them for Christmas? — or Chanukah, which begins on Thanksgiving this year. I’ll suggest a few guidelines and … Continue reading

Mountain House sale through September

During September preparedness month, all Mountain House cans and cases at Ready Reserve Foods will be 45-70% off the retail price. This is first time they have ever been able to sell Mountain House, for regular wholesale prices. Ready Reserve … Continue reading

Paintball Guns For Varmint Control?

I’ve recently moved into a new home that’s in a more rural area than I was in before and have been getting to know some of the new neighbors.  Namely, a family of six raccoons that live somewhere nearby and … Continue reading

Crowd-funding Projects for Preppers

This post is a discussion of some crowd-funding project that might be of interest to Preppers. What is “crowd-funding”? It’s a way to fund a creative project. Instead of getting a bank loan or borrowing money from friends and family, … Continue reading

Using Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is simply a form of carbon that has a very high surface area and is extremely porous.  The surface area and porosity are so high that activated charcoal can be used to filter out impurities in air and … Continue reading

Preparing For Summer

As the weather changes and summer approaches now is a good time to do a quick inventory to make sure you’re appropriately prepared for the potential emergencies the new season brings. At least two times a year (usually when we … Continue reading

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Whenever I go to the store I usually spend a few extra minutes wandering around looking for any good prepping items that I may need to stock up on, that are on sale, or perhaps that I just never thought … Continue reading

Flashlights For Everyday Carry

Here at Prep-Blog we’ve talked a lot about how useful pocketknives can be and how we think they’re essential for everyday carry.  Today I’d like to talk about tactical flashlights for everyday carry. There are many reasons to carry a … Continue reading

Communicating During An Emergency

Being able to effectively communicate with family and friends during an emergency is critical.  In the past we’ve seen disasters quickly take down the infrastructure needed for cell phones to operate as well as situations where cell towers were undamaged … Continue reading