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A New Survival Air Rifle: folding, lightweight, quiet

Famed Russian airgun company, EDgun, has a new air rifle, designed for backpacking and survival. A PCP-type (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, it is lightweight, trim, compact, and even foldable. What’s it called? Leshiy, which means “wood goblin”. Leshiy or Leshy … Continue reading

Table Salt: a cheap and useful Prepping supply

Ordinary table salt is inexpensive, even if you buy brand-name at retail. It is cheap cheap stuff. But it’s also a sometimes overlooked prepping supply. This post is a quick overview of the usefulness of salt. First, table salt (NaCl) … Continue reading

Credit Card Ax Survival Multi-Tool

Here’s one prepping and survival Kickstarter campaign that seems likely to succeed: Credit Card Ax: A Multi Tool by Survco For Everyday Carry. It’s a credit card sized multi-tool, whose primary functions include an axe head and an arrowhead. You … Continue reading

Panic Buying when the SHTF

1973 was a year of real shortages. In December of 1973, a Wisconsin congressman put out a press release warning of a possible shortage of toilet paper within a few months. Few took notice. Then Johnny Carson used that news … Continue reading

Ready Made Resources debuts new Website

Our advertiser Ready Made Resources has revamped their entire website, to make it easier to find the things you need and to checkout. Their product line is massive, including food, water purification, solar power, stoves, tools, books, videos, gardening seeds, … Continue reading

Lightning Product Review: goTenna

Imagine that a local disaster knocks out cell phone communications. Maybe the cell phone system is overwhelmed with call attempts. Maybe the power is out for an extended period of time. Whatever the reason, your cell phone is no longer … Continue reading

Personal Drones for Prepping and Survival

Not so many years ago, this topic would have been solidly in the SciFi category. Today, it can be done, with off-the-shelf hardware. But it’s expensive. Within a few years, personal drones might be relatively affordable. The only question will … Continue reading

Air Rifles for Prepping and Survival

Can an air rifle fill a role in prepping and survival? Or are powder/cartridge firearms the only effective tool for those purposes? My blog co-author, Butch C., weighed in on this topic a while back. But I’ve been researching the … Continue reading

Product: Radar Scattering Camo Netting

Our advertiser, Ready Made Resources, has a very limited supply of this hard to find item: Radar Scattering Camo Netting with Repair Kit. Includes one OCTAGONAL 30′X30′ netting and one 15′X15′ SQUARE netting and a repair kit. NATO Stock Number … Continue reading

GyverGear: crowdfunded survival gear

A new Indiegogo “crowdfunding” project just went live. It’s called “GyverGear”. Their motto is “Survive like a Navy SEAL”. Here’s the Indiegogo page and the GyverGear website. The guy behind the project is a Navy SEAL. Since he does not … Continue reading

Choosing a Survival Blanket

There are several different types of blankets that are suitable for prepping and survival purposes. Which type you choose depends on a number of factors: warmth, size and weight, suitability for outdoor use, and cost. You can spend under $10 … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts for Preppers

If your family member or significant other is a prepper, or even a dedicated survivalist, what sort of gift might you get them for Christmas? — or Chanukah, which begins on Thanksgiving this year. I’ll suggest a few guidelines and … Continue reading