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Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

I regularly read different news and commentary sources that are relevant to prepping. One such resource, which is perhaps not so well-known among preppers, is a blog by Bruce Schneier: Schneier on Security. He covers new types of computer and … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: Driving after the SHTF

Driving is so simple and relatively safe nowadays. But after the SHTF, that could all change. Desperate people do desperate things. Law and order could breakdown, leaving motorists to fend off criminals without much help. Visitors to the Summer Olympics … Continue reading

Prepping Your Car For Emergencies

Most preppers have a good assortment of resources stockpiled in their homes. But what happens if the SHTF while you are on the road? You might be a short distance from home, or on a long road trip. What kind … Continue reading

Passenger Planes now vulnerable to Internet Hackers

News agencies throughout the world are reporting on the vulnerability of new commercial passenger planes to hacking, malware, and terrorism. What is the cause of that vulnerability? The on-board system allowing passengers to access the internet. That system is directly … Continue reading

Off-road Motorcycles for when the SHTF

The best vehicle when the SHTF does not necessarily have 4 wheels. A motorcycle has certain advantages over a jeep or pick-up truck or sedan. When there is a severe traffic jam, due to an evacuation, a motorcycle, with its … Continue reading

post-SHTF Transportation: bicycles

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, power was out to a large area for an extended period of time. This has a side-effect that many people did not expect: gasoline became unavailable or difficult to obtain. The gas stations all … Continue reading

Prepping Your Vehicles

Most prepping activities revolve around the home. Food, water, equipment and supplies are stored there. Even a bugout bag is usually kept in the home, to grab when you are ready to go out the door. But suppose that you … Continue reading

What To Store In Your Car For Emergencies

We’ve talked a lot in the past about our Bug-Out-Bags, what we keep in them, how often we inventory them, and how often we swap out clothing and shoes so they’re appropriate for the season. ¬†What I’d like to talk … Continue reading