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Off-road Motorcycles for when the SHTF

The best vehicle when the SHTF does not necessarily have 4 wheels. A motorcycle has certain advantages over a jeep or pick-up truck or sedan. When there is a severe traffic jam, due to an evacuation, a motorcycle, with its … Continue reading

post-SHTF Transportation: bicycles

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, power was out to a large area for an extended period of time. This has a side-effect that many people did not expect: gasoline became unavailable or difficult to obtain. The gas stations all … Continue reading

Prepping Your Vehicles

Most prepping activities revolve around the home. Food, water, equipment and supplies are stored there. Even a bugout bag is usually kept in the home, to grab when you are ready to go out the door. But suppose that you … Continue reading

What To Store In Your Car For Emergencies

We’ve talked a lot in the past about our Bug-Out-Bags, what we keep in them, how often we inventory them, and how often we swap out clothing and shoes so they’re appropriate for the season. ¬†What I’d like to talk … Continue reading