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Simple Defenses against Home Invasion

I recently read a post at TTAG on a home invasion in Oklahoma. The resident repelled the assailants with his firearm. He and his wife were unharmed. But things could have gone very badly. But I’m wondering what else can … Continue reading

Which Home and Land when the SHTF?

During times of civil unrest, food shortages, natural disasters or other SHTF scenarios, it is better to live somewhere with land, than in an apartment or condo. Land can be used to grow food. Arable land is any land that … Continue reading

Should You Hang up on the 911 Operator?

Over at The Truth About Guns blog, they’re having a running discussion on this question: In the case of a home invasion (or similar situation), after calling 911 and giving them the relevant information, should you hang up the phone, … Continue reading

Prepping in a Small Town

I now live and prep in a small town of a few thousand residents. There’s no Walmart or Target or Home Depot or other “big box” type store in easy driving distance. It’s not the suburbs of any city. Not … Continue reading

A Tsunami- and Earthquake-resistant Home

This house design is not merely a concept. It exists in the real world, in a “high velocity flood zone” on the northern end of Camano Island, in Washington State. The house is designed to resist damage from floods, tsunami, … Continue reading

Prepping Themes in the movie The Purge

There are TV shows with prepping themes, like the fictional drama “Revolution”. That storyline revolves around a mysterious TEOTWAWKI event that takes away all electrical power. I tried watching an episode; it doesn’t speak to me. Then there are the … Continue reading

Neighborhood Security: Real vs. Perceived

Security expert, author, and blogger Bruce Schneier has a recent post might be of interest to many preppers: Neighborhood Security: Feeling vs. Reality. Some neighborhoods feel more safe and others feel less safe — but the reality of that safety … Continue reading

Characteristics Of A Good Home For Prepping

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been writing for quite a while, at least I hope some of you have noticed…  That’s because I recently moved to a new house and it took up most of my … Continue reading

Know the Security Weak Points in Your Home

Earlier this year, I moved from Florida to Taxachusetts, I mean, from the gun-shine State to the gun-shy State. And I’ve noticed a few differences in each respective house concerning security. So I’d thought I’d write a brief survival blog … Continue reading

Avoiding Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest has occurred in pockets across the country over the past few years and  is perhaps one of the more likely scenarios that could adversely effect us in the future.  It’s possible that we could see more protests and … Continue reading

Choosing a Fire Extinguisher

This prepping post is a continuation of yesterday’s post on smoke detectors. If there ever is a fire in your home or small office, you’ll want to have a fire extinguisher, not only a detector. Here’s a quick overview of … Continue reading

Choosing a Smoke Detector

Here at Prep-Blog, we promote prudent and reasonable preparations for a wide range of possible situations, from ordinary home emergencies to moderate or severe widespread disasters. This prepping post is on the subject of choosing smoke detectors (and my next … Continue reading