is planning new articles

Yes, that’s right, Prep Blog is back, after a several month hiatus. And for the new version of the site, we will focus on my favorite topics, and not try to be a one-size fits all, jack-of-all-preppers website. The topics for the new site:

1. Firearms: the guns themselves, firearms accessories, and their use. But I intend to stay out of gun politics. Really, my firearms politics is too simple to fill up many articles. Yes to the Second Amendment. No to guns for felons and the mentally ill. And my full support for the States leading the way in protecting gun rights.

2. Food: growing crops, storing food, and choosing the best foods.

3. Perspectives: I like a good “what if” prepping scenario, including all the TEOTWAWKI possibilities.

That’s all.

Thoreau is back.

P.S. We are still trying to sell the site. But I will be writing till it sells, or until I change my mind yet again.

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  1. Glad to have you back.
    Please continue the good work. Many of us missed quality content