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15 April 2014 Deadline for NY Residents to Register Assault Weapons

The New York State “SAFE Act” requires NY residents who own or possess an assault weapon to register that weapon with the State police on or before 15 April 2014. Registration can be done online. See the official State website … Continue reading

Hacking Those Overly-Restrictive Gun Laws

This post is a brief summary of gun designs and products devised by manufacturers to provide a legal end-run around laws that restrict certain types of firearms. As always, nothing on this blog should be taken as legal advice. Laws … Continue reading

Introducing Kids to Guns: different points of view

The first priority, when teaching kids about guns, is safety. When they are old enough to understand, teach them that real guns are not toys, and if you see a real gun, stay away from it and tell an adult. … Continue reading

States and Counties rebelling against Excessive Gun Control

A couple of news stories on gun control caught my eye. The first was a story about Sheriffs across the nation refusing to enforce certain gun control laws. “The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which touts sheriffs as the … Continue reading

Is an AR in .308 Suitable for Prepping and Survival?

For prepping and survival purposes, an AR-15 type rifle is eminently useful. The typical AR-15 takes .223/5.56 ammunition. Uppers are available (as well as complete rifles) in other calibers. But the bullet length, bullet weight, and powder capacity of the … Continue reading

Self-Defense Pistol Sights: Red Dot or Iron?

Some students at Norwich University (“America’s Oldest Military College”) did a scientific study comparing two types of pistol sights: the Trijicon RMR red dot sight and iron sights, both on a Glock G19. The point of the study was to … Continue reading

California Loosens Requirements for Concealed Carry

Not willingly. California is still an anti-gun state. But due to a recent court decision, CA counties are being forced to give out concealed carry permits without evidence of “good cause”. The “good cause” requirement was struck down on Feb. … Continue reading

Gun News: Discussion of Recent Stories

1. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to take up three firearms related cases. In one case, the NRA challenged a Texas law preventing anyone under 21 from carrying a handgun in public. If carrying a handgun is a legal exercise … Continue reading

Troy Pump Action Rifle vs. Gun Control

Troy Defense has a new type of rifle, with an operating system I’ve not heard of before. It’s essentially a cross between an AR-15 and a pump action shotgun. The rifle shoots .223 / 5.56 mm ammo from a 30 … Continue reading

California’s new Microstamping Handgun law

Ruger and also Smith and Wesson have each announced that they will not comply with California’s new law, requiring new handgun models sold in the State to incorporate microstamping technology. The law does not apply to the current sale of … Continue reading

Are You Pro or Con Open Carry?

Butch and I (Thoreau) are the authors of Prep-Blog. We are both members of the NRA and supporters of the second amendment right to bear arms. But, speaking for myself, I don’t automatically support every law that seems pro-gun. I … Continue reading

SHOT Show 2014: New Guns for Preppers

The number of new guns and accessories introduced at SHOT Show 2014 is immense. But my question is: Which of these products are useful for prepping and survival purposes? Some of the “new” guns are just updated versions of existing … Continue reading