Perfect for Home Defense: a Bullpup Hi-point Carbine

As I’ve opined in a past post, the Hi-Point Carbine in 9mm is a great option for home defense. The gun is affordable and reliable, and the 9mm round is sufficient for almost any home defense situation. The gun does have a couple of drawbacks. One, it is butt ugly (sorry, Hi-Point fans, but you know what I mean). Two, it’s length is still a bit too much for quick and easy use indoors.

The new bullpup chassis, made by High Tower Armory specifically for the Hi-Point carbine, solves both problems. First, as you can see from this video of the gun in action, it is one handsome firearm. A few different colors will be available initially (green, flat dark earth, black, and maybe tan), with other colors to follow, if the product is a success.

Second, the bullpup chassis reduces the length by about 5 inches, and still keeps the total firearm weight about the same. A bullpup is ideal for CQB, I mean, for home defense situations. That’s why the IDF used the Tavor, and now the X95. I suppose a pistol is even more maneuverable, but it is also much less accurate. So a bullpup carbine is darn near perfect.

Here’s a thread over at, where Andy Wentzel of High Tower Armory answers some pertinent questions about the gun. He expects the price to be about $250, but more recent estimates put the chassis at about $195. It’s an affordable improvement for an affordable carbine.

The bullpup will accept the carbine in 9mm, .40 or .45 calibers. And the mag well is designed to accommodate a possible future option — a double stack mag — if High Tower decides to produce one. It does not accept any aftermarket double stack mags at the present time.

Well, you can’t ask for much more than that. Take a look at the video. The design is well-thought out, well-balanced, and looks fantastic. When will the product be released? We have not been told a specific date. But here’s hoping it’s soon.

– Thoreau

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