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Martial Arts as Self-Defense for Preppers

This article is an updated version of an older post. If you study any martial art long enough, it should serve you well in a hand-to-hand type of self-defense situation. But from a prepping point of view, you don’t want … Continue reading

Can You Use an Air Rifle for Self-Defense?

Air rifles are often used for hunting small game: squirrels, birds, rabbit, etc. Some of the high-end higher caliber air rifles are used to hunt game as large as hogs. So an air rifle can be used with lethal force. … Continue reading

Which Martial Arts are best for Self-Defense?

If you study any martial art long enough, it should serve you well in a hand-to-hand type of self-defense situation. But from a prepping point of view, you don’t want to spend 20 years practicing before your chosen martial art … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Less-Lethal Self-defense

This prepping and survival blog post is about the advantages and disadvantages of using less-lethal weapons in self-defense. A “less-lethal” weapon is still a weapon. Although this type of weapon is not designed to kill your attacker, death can sometimes … Continue reading

Flashlights For Everyday Carry

Here at Prep-Blog we’ve talked a lot about how useful pocketknives can be and how we think they’re essential for everyday carry.  Today I’d like to talk about tactical flashlights for everyday carry. There are many reasons to carry a … Continue reading

Quick Access To Safely Stored Firearms

Having quick and ready access to a firearm that is also safely stored can be very important during times of emergency like periods of civil unrest or even during a break-in.  After all, what good is a gun that’s locked … Continue reading

Risk Management during Civil Unrest

Risk Management refers to running of a business or performing a set of tasks, while controlling risk as much as possible; it is also called operational prudence. When applied to prepping and survival tasks, the basic idea is that all … Continue reading

In Defense of the Pistol-caliber Carbine

Home defense is an important topic on prepping and survival blogs and websites. Handguns are of course useful for self-defense in the home. They are easy to maneuver with in the tight confines of hallways and rooms. And it is … Continue reading

Top Self-defense Shotgun Loads

Which shotgun loads are best for home defense? This prepping and survival article will discuss your options. Opinions on this topic vary, so feel free to disagree and to post your thoughts in the comments. Slug Guns Let’s start this … Continue reading

Defending Your Ears (in a home defense situation)

We talk a lot about which firearms are appropriate for home defense and what calibers might be best and which ones simply don’t fit the bill.  One thing we haven’t talked much about is the effect on your ears from … Continue reading

Is an AR-15 suitable for Home Defense?

The term AR-15 generally refers to the civilian version of the M16 military rifle. The civilian version is usually semi-automatic, while the military rifle has a full-auto setting. Legally, “AR-15″ is a trademark owned by Colt. But many people use … Continue reading

Rare but Severe Disaster Scenarios

It is useful to prepare for less severe disasters, as these tend to be more common: power outages, hurricanes, snow storms, economic downturns, and anything else that might present a relatively limited disruption to daily life. But there is no … Continue reading