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Entitlement to Social Security benefits is NOT contractual right

Will social security benefits be available to you when you retire? If you are already receiving benefits, will those benefits continue? Not necessarily. Congress, in its drafting of the laws that govern social security, and the U.S. Supreme Court in … Continue reading

The End of Commerce As We Know It: Epic Internet Fail

What if the internet were to fail? Hypothetically, what would happen to commerce if we could no longer buy stuff online. Suppose that some remnant of the internet survives, but online purchasing is broken. This post is not about how … Continue reading

2014 Could Be a Tough Year for the Economy

Remember the “partial shutdown” this past fall, due to a failure by Congress to agree on a budget? It ended because of a stop-gap measure that gave Congress until December 13th to reach a tentative agreement in committee and until … Continue reading

Is Economic Disaster Imminent?

The possibility of an economic disaster caused by mismanagement of government is often discussed on prepping and survival blogs. In my view, it is one of the more likely and longer lasting possible SHTF scenarios. We all know that the … Continue reading

17 Days: from the Shutdown to the Debt Limit

Here’s a nice overview of the Government shutdown (also called the “slimdown”) from CNN: Government shutdown: Get up to speed in 20 questions. Basically, Congress failed to pass a spending bill to fund the government, due to a dispute between … Continue reading

Prepping Poll: economic collapse

One of the most discussed (and in my opinion most likely) disaster scenarios is economic collapse — not a mere downturn, but a full meltdown. What do you think is the best hedge against an economic catastrophe? Choose from the … Continue reading

5 Vulnerable Points in the U.S. Economy

In no particular order, and only in my humble opinion, these are the 5 most vulnerable aspects to the U.S. economy. In other words, these are the factors that are most likely to cause the economy to take a severe … Continue reading

Keeping Emergency Cash On Hand

When the power goes out during a major disaster or even a fairly common winter storm or summer hurricane there is no doubt that cash is king.  Without electricity credit and debit cards are all but useless. Perhaps in a … Continue reading

The End Of The Supermarket As We Know It

You’ve heard of TEOTWAWKI, The End Of The World As We Know It. Well, this prepping and survival blog post is about TEOTSAWKI, The End Of The Supermarket As We Know It. Sure, the expression is tongue-in-cheek. But the idea … Continue reading

Should You Store Bitcoins Instead of Gold?

I read an interesting news story recently, relevant to prepping, about large corporations buying bitcoins (a virtual digital currency) as a hedge against economic and currency problems. What are bitcoins, you ask? Bitcoin, the ‘new gold’ – but what on … Continue reading

Could We Turn To Barter On A Multinational Level?

As more and more people talk about the complete devaluation of US currency I can’t help but wonder what would actually happen if this were to come to pass.  Are we to believe that the dollar would actually be worthless? … Continue reading

Preparing for Recession, Depression, And Even Collapse

Anyone who pays close attention to today’s economy has to be concerned with what’s going on and what the future holds for the US and even the world as a whole.  Our budget is shaky at best, deficits are piling … Continue reading