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California’s Two-year Drought

The current drought in California began in the southern half of the State nearly two years ago, in early 2013. By May of that year, the entire State was engulfed in a moderate drought, categorized as level “D1″ by the … Continue reading

Is a Collapse of the Food Economy Near?

Prepping and survival websites often exclaim that a collapse of the food economy is near. But perhaps it is not. I can see both sides to this question. There are indications that a collapse is near, but the food economy … Continue reading

7 Ways the Economy Could Quickly Unravel

There must be more than seven ways, but these are the ones that seem most likely to my mind. 1. Agriculture: Drought You don’t need that new car or that new pair of shoes. Most people can put off until … Continue reading

How to keep Ebola from destroying the U.S. hospital system

Ebola is coming to the United States. And I’m not talking about isolated cases of travelers from West Africa. There will be a major Ebola outbreak in the U.S., maybe not this year, but in the not so distant future. … Continue reading

The California Drought is a very serious problem

All of California is under a drought. And the vast majority of the land area in California is under severe, extreme, or exceptional drought. See the Drought Map here. How long has this been going on? For the last 2 … Continue reading

Government versus Digital Currency

Bitcoin and similar digital currencies (also called cryptocurrencies) use cryptographic techniques to maintain a public ledger. The entries in this ledger are the currency, and it has value based on the willingness of individuals and businesses to trade products, services, … Continue reading

Severe Drought has Engulfed California

The current U.S. Drought Monitor shows a huge swathe of land from CA to Texas, struck by severe drought. How severe? The Drought Monitor system uses a scale from D-zero to D-4 D0 – abnormally dry D1 – moderate drought … Continue reading

A Bitcoin backgrounder for Preppers

Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not recommending investment in Bitcoin or any other Bitcoin-like crypto-currency. Right now and for the foreseeable future, it’s very risky. But it might be useful to have a basic understanding of how Bitcoin works, … Continue reading

Entitlement to Social Security benefits is NOT contractual right

Will social security benefits be available to you when you retire? If you are already receiving benefits, will those benefits continue? Not necessarily. Congress, in its drafting of the laws that govern social security, and the U.S. Supreme Court in … Continue reading

The End of Commerce As We Know It: Epic Internet Fail

What if the internet were to fail? Hypothetically, what would happen to commerce if we could no longer buy stuff online. Suppose that some remnant of the internet survives, but online purchasing is broken. This post is not about how … Continue reading

2014 Could Be a Tough Year for the Economy

Remember the “partial shutdown” this past fall, due to a failure by Congress to agree on a budget? It ended because of a stop-gap measure that gave Congress until December 13th to reach a tentative agreement in committee and until … Continue reading

Is Economic Disaster Imminent?

The possibility of an economic disaster caused by mismanagement of government is often discussed on prepping and survival blogs. In my view, it is one of the more likely and longer lasting possible SHTF scenarios. We all know that the … Continue reading