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The Peaks and Valleys of Dating after the SHTF

A tongue in cheek assessment of your options. We all know what the present-day dating situation is like. It’s not all sunshine and roses. Online dating is a risky proposition. And then, if you live in a small town (as … Continue reading

Would you rather Fight 1 horse-sized Duck or 100 duck-sized Horses?

There are two ways to take this question: literally and figuratively. As a figure, the question can be rephrased: Would you rather confront 1 big problem or 100 small problems? Assuming you can solve the problems, once confronted: Is it … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Playing Paintball

Recently I’ve gotten interested in paintball and have found it to be one of my favorite new hobbies.  In this post I will try to explain the basics of paintball, the benefits that I see from it and hopefully garner … Continue reading

Earthquake Strikes Bay Area — A Live Report

Butch here reporting from the Bay Area of California where we were awakened last night at 3:22am by a strong earthquake.  I live about 40 miles away from the epicenter but was still jolted out of bed by pretty violent … Continue reading

Expensive Solutions to Tiny Problems

This post is a little off-topic, but I thought it would be a fun read. The $150 Fruit Bowl – suspends your fruit from silicone bands to keep it from touching other fruit. The $5000 Folding Commuter Bike – folds … Continue reading

Fish Antibiotics For Human Use?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about fish antibiotics and how folks are using them (or planning to use them) to treat humans.  I’ve read several articles that say that the antibiotics sold for treating common bacterial infections in fish … Continue reading

Aubrey Plaza is ready for any kind of Apocalypse

Aubrey Plaza is that actress from Parks and Recreation. She was also recently in a zombie movie (playing the girlfriend who turns into a zombie). In this clip from the Conan O’Brien show, she talks about how she is ready … Continue reading

Foolish but Funny: Shotgun Gardening

Introducing a new series of posts at — short posts making fun of bad ideas related (perhaps only remotely) to prepping and survival. First up, planting seeds in a garden with a shotgun shell. No, this is not a … Continue reading