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A Top-of-the-Line Water Purification Device

A healthy adult can survive for weeks without food, but only about 2 to 3 days without water. Much of our time and money devoted to prepping revolves around food: storing, growing, bartering, and protecting it. We don’t give as … Continue reading

NASA says the World is Running Out of Fresh Water

Here’s a disaster scenario that Preppers don’t often consider: the world is running low on sources of fresh water. Twenty-one of the world’s 37 largest aquifers – in locations from India and China to the United States and France – … Continue reading

In an Emergency, where can you find Clean Water?

Suppose that some type of disaster takes out the water supply. I’m not talking about a “boil water alert”, but a lack of water from your usual sources: tap water and bottled water. Maybe you have town water, and their … Continue reading

Purifying Water with White Wine

I ran across an older post on water purification at the “36 Ready Blog” — Water Purification: Simple and Inexpensive Methods. One of the many options for water purification was mixing the water with wine. Now to be clear, this … Continue reading

Should You Use or Avoid Fluoridated Water?

Some preppers go whole-hog and live off-grid. Other preppers live connected to the grid, but in a very rural area. In either case, they probably do not have town water, which is often fluoridated. Those preppers who have fluoridated town … Continue reading

New Water Purification Product: LifeStraw GO

Our advertiser, Earth Easy, has a new water purification product: LifeStraw GO Water Bottle. It’s a LifeStraw water purification filter incorporated into a 22.5 ounce (670 ml) bottle. You fill the bottle from a water source, such as a stream … Continue reading

New Water Purification system: LifeStraw Family

There’s a new water purification product on the market called LifeStraw Family. It is a unique product particularly useful for prepping and survival. As far as I know, it is the only commercial water purification system to meet my three … Continue reading

Solar Water Distillation: several designs compared

As I discussed in a previous post, water is one of the more difficult prepping issues. Suppose that one disaster or another knocks out the power. You won’t have town/city water on which to rely. There are many different water … Continue reading

Limited Survival Resources: Water

Food and water are two of the most basic needs and therefore among the top concerns for prepping and survival. Food prepping is a complex issue: storing food, growing food, protein, fat, carbs, micro-nutrients, etc. There are many different considerations. … Continue reading

The Need For Clean Water

Lack of access to clean water kills about three and a half million people every year worldwide.  That is almost equivalent to the population of Los Angeles.  This comes mostly from water related diseases in third world nations where almost … Continue reading

The SODIS Method Of Water Purification

Solar Water Disinfection or SODIS as it is called is a relatively simple and straightforward method for disinfecting drinking water.  In short the SODIS process uses the sun’s energy to purify water that is questionable or known to be unsafe. … Continue reading

Water Problems In New Orleans

Approximately 300,000 residents of New Orleans are under a boil water alert today as issues at the city’s largest water treatment plant have left residents with low water pressure and questionable quality.  Residents have been advised to boil all water … Continue reading