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Preppers: Stay Hydrated!

You’ve probably heard the advice: “drink 8 cups of water a day”. What is the basis for that advice, and is it sound? It turns out that the amount 8 cups/day is based mainly on observational studies. The average adult … Continue reading

Hygiene – a Sensitive Survival Topic

This is one of my previous posts that I have updated and reposted. Any number of short to long-term disasters could leave you without power and/or running water. The result is a serious but difficult topic in prepping: hygiene. Without … Continue reading

Can California Agriculture Survive the Drought?

Few people realize how severe the current drought in California is. Droughts are gauged by the U.S. Drought Monitor on a scale of D0 to D4: D0 – abnormally dry D1 – moderate drought D2 – severe drought D3 – … Continue reading

A Top-of-the-Line Water Purification Device

A healthy adult can survive for weeks without food, but only about 2 to 3 days without water. Much of our time and money devoted to prepping revolves around food: storing, growing, bartering, and protecting it. We don’t give as … Continue reading

NASA says the World is Running Out of Fresh Water

Here’s a disaster scenario that Preppers don’t often consider: the world is running low on sources of fresh water. Twenty-one of the world’s 37 largest aquifers – in locations from India and China to the United States and France – … Continue reading

In an Emergency, where can you find Clean Water?

Suppose that some type of disaster takes out the water supply. I’m not talking about a “boil water alert”, but a lack of water from your usual sources: tap water and bottled water. Maybe you have town water, and their … Continue reading

Purifying Water with White Wine

I ran across an older post on water purification at the “36 Ready Blog” — Water Purification: Simple and Inexpensive Methods. One of the many options for water purification was mixing the water with wine. Now to be clear, this … Continue reading

Should You Use or Avoid Fluoridated Water?

Some preppers go whole-hog and live off-grid. Other preppers live connected to the grid, but in a very rural area. In either case, they probably do not have town water, which is often fluoridated. Those preppers who have fluoridated town … Continue reading

New Water Purification Product: LifeStraw GO

Our advertiser, Earth Easy, has a new water purification product: LifeStraw GO Water Bottle. It’s a LifeStraw water purification filter incorporated into a 22.5 ounce (670 ml) bottle. You fill the bottle from a water source, such as a stream … Continue reading

New Water Purification system: LifeStraw Family

There’s a new water purification product on the market called LifeStraw Family. It is a unique product particularly useful for prepping and survival. As far as I know, it is the only commercial water purification system to meet my three … Continue reading

Solar Water Distillation: several designs compared

As I discussed in a previous post, water is one of the more difficult prepping issues. Suppose that one disaster or another knocks out the power. You won’t have town/city water on which to rely. There are many different water … Continue reading

Limited Survival Resources: Water

Food and water are two of the most basic needs and therefore among the top concerns for prepping and survival. Food prepping is a complex issue: storing food, growing food, protein, fat, carbs, micro-nutrients, etc. There are many different considerations. … Continue reading