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Surviving Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine came from the Gulf, across Florida, then up the eastern seaboard. It is now bearing down on New England, where I currently make my abode. The storm has weakened now, to become a Post-Tropical Cyclone, whatever that means. … Continue reading

Prepping for Extreme Cold

Here’s the story at Arctic Cold Blast Continues; Wind Chill Alerts For Over Half U.S. Population The combination of wind and cold air is leading to dangerous and potentially life-threatening wind chills Wednesday over a large part of the … Continue reading

Putting Together a Winter Storm Kit

If you live in a region with cold winters, like us preppers here in New England, you should have a Winter Storm Kit to help survive a snowstorm or ice storm, especially if it is accompanied by a power outage. … Continue reading

Sleeping Bags for Winter Power Outages

Power outages present a number of serious challenges to preppers. Internet access becomes difficult. Appliances do not function; the food in your refrigerator and freezer may go bad. Solar recharging of batteries and battery-powered devices is limited and can be … Continue reading

Avoiding Crop Damage

If you are growing food for survival, you need to consider the possibility that a crop will fail. If you plan to grow wheat or corn or potato or some other staple food, you cannot assume that you will always … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Brings Out Last Minute Prepping

Hurricane Sandy is now bearing down on the Northeast and looking like it’s going to cause an awfully tough time for up to 60 million of our citizens. Evacuations have started in low-lying areas and I can only imagine what … Continue reading

Severe Weather Forecast: 70% chance of Perfect Storm

UPDATED (see below) The 1991 Nor’easter that hit New England in late October was termed “the Perfect Storm”. A book and a popular movie were made, based on that storm. The more general term perfect storm refers to a rare … Continue reading

Preparing For The Aftermath

There’s nothing like a big storm like Hurricane Isaac to get even the laziest Preppers to pop up and rethink their emergency plans and supplies. ¬†For me, whenever there’s a big natural disaster I spend just about equal amounts of … Continue reading

Mid-Atlantic Power Outages — A Time For “The Partial Bug-Out”?

I’m sure just about everyone has heard about the bad storms over the last week and a half or so that were blamed for the deaths of more than two dozen people and which left almost two million others without … Continue reading

Building An Emergency Shelter…Sort Of…

Power went out the other night and I ventured outside to get an idea of how tough it would be to set up an emergency shelter right then and there if I had to. I should add that it was … Continue reading

Snowstorm Preparedness Tips

I currently live in sunny Florida. So what do I know about snowstorms? I grew up and lived most of my adult life in Massachusetts. We know snowstorms. I remember the blizzard of ’78, when a Nor’easter hit the State … Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Living as I do in Florida, one of my most likely short-term disaster scenarios is a hurricane. I recall the first year that I moved to Florida, four hurricanes hit the State in one season. The fourth was hurricane Jeanne, … Continue reading