Guns for Preppers: the .224 Valkyrie

Since we last wrote about guns for prepping, there have been new developments: new firearms, new cartridges, new options. So let’s review one of the best newest choices in guns for preppers. (More options in subsequent articles.)

The .224 Valkyrie

A new cartridge from Federal Cartridge. This one has caught on like wildfire. Many times a new cartridge will languish in obscurity for many years. Even the now popular .300 blackout slowly ramped up its popularity and demand. But not the Valkyrie. It has hit the ground running.

Here’s the official Federal description of the cartridge. I will tell you right off the bat that the claim of supersonic to 1,300 yards is bullcrap. They take the G1 BC of the bullet, and put it into a ballistic calculator, with the velocity from a very long barrel. With a more realistic G7 BC and a shorter barrel, the cartridge is supersonic to 800 to 1000 yards — which is still quite good. But they need to be called out for marketing hype. See this more realistic evaluation of the cartridge: Range 365.

The bullet weights range from 60 to 90 grains. The case is similar to the 6.8 SPC. So you get a few less round in the magazine, but a whole lot more performance. You can use any AR15 lower, bolt, and mag. You only need a new upper. Recoil is mild compared to other cartridges that hit out to the same range.

For prepping, this one is made to order. You get more range and terminal velocity than the venerable .223/5.56 cartridge, but without having to step up to a rifle with a lot more recoil or gun weight. You can hunt with the heavier bullets, especially the 90-grain Federal Fusion round. And for home defense, there are not many better options. I’d love a .224 Valkyrie in a short barreled rifle with a suppressor for defending me and mine. That’s pie in the sky in some U.S. States, of course. But a 16″ barrel and a good pair of ear muffs will work almost as good.

The .224 Valkyrie is what the 5.56 should have been. And there are already many options for uppers, complete rifles, and ammunition. Highly recommended for preppers.

– Thoreau

One Response to Guns for Preppers: the .224 Valkyrie

  1. I find this post quite informative – thank you. However, I must respectfully disagree that this caliber is a good prepper choice. A better choice of caliber would be one of the most popular calibers simply because of the availability of ammunition. In my opinion, the .223 Remington is the best choice of center-fire calibers, 30-06 would be next, as both of these calibers are very common so ammo is readily available nearly everywhere. I also firmly believe the .22LR is by far the best all-around survival gun if and when the shtf. Like the center-fire calibers mentioned, .22LR ammo is readily available everywhere, and you can carry literately hundreds of rounds due to the small size and weight.