Why You Should Store Sunflower Seeds

Most preppers store a lot of grains, such as rice, pasta, flour, and maybe some whole wheat berries. And a grain-based diet makes good sense. Grains store well and contain plenty of carbs and some protein. But grains don’t have quite enough protein for good health. So another prepper staple food for storage is dried beans and dried peas. They keep very well and are high in protein. They complement grains, so that, together, beans and grains are a complete protein. But my own preference is to eat beans and/or peas only about twice a week, at most. And I don’t want my diet to change too much after the SHTF. So I also store different kinds of seeds and nuts for additional protein.

Sunflower seeds are a great choice for your food storage. They are about 20% protein, and the protein is high quality, meaning that all the essential amino acids are present in good amounts. Sunflower seeds are also a good source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin E. They have plenty of fiber and healthy omega-6 dietary fat.

They also keep fairly well, and are inexpensive. If you are at all on a budget for your stored foods, you might want to choose some of the less expensive sources of stored protein. Sunflower seeds are a top choice, along with peanuts and soynuts.

Peanut butter stores for about 12 to 18 months. Check the expiry dates before buying. But you can make your own sunflower seed butter or peanut butter from stored seeds/nuts. All you need is a food processor, and a little oil and sugar to add to the mix. Here’s a good recipe for sunflower seed butter. I would suggest modifying the recipe by using sugar instead of stevia, and sunflower seed oil instead of other oils. But otherwise, it’s a good set of instructions.

Note that the recipe calls for unsalted seeds. When buying seeds or nuts for storage, you might want to get the unsalted version, and then add salt yourself. This allows you to use the seeds or nuts in recipes, where the salted version might have too much salt.

– Thoreau

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