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The Next Major War will include Cyber Attacks

I don’t think the world has seen this phenomenon yet: a major war, during which both sides use severe repeated hacking attacks on the general computing infrastructure in each nation. But it is inevitable. Every developed nation is highly computerized, … Continue reading

How Dangerous is WannaCry Ransomware?

Not very dangerous, at this point in time. Kreps on Security says that only about 100 affected computer users have paid the ransom. Even so, Microsoft has issued this Windows operating system patch. So you might want to update your … Continue reading

No Internet equals No Food

I touched on this subject in a previous post: Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet. In considering what would happen if we lost the internet for a lengthy period of time, I reached a strange but compelling … Continue reading

Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

I regularly read different news and commentary sources that are relevant to prepping. One such resource, which is perhaps not so well-known among preppers, is a blog by Bruce Schneier: Schneier on Security. He covers new types of computer and … Continue reading

Secure Passphrases from Dice

Is the password that protects your data, online and on your computer, secure from hackers? Insecure passwords include a word plus a number, two words, any number, any kind of popular phrase, lyrics, or quote. No matter how clever you … Continue reading

Is A Hacking Disaster Inevitable?

More and more products in modern society are being “computerized”. Watches used to tell time. Now you can buy an Apple iWatch (or any of several knock-off smart watches) which is basically a computer on your wrist. Phones used to … Continue reading

A Bitcoin backgrounder for Preppers

Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not recommending investment in Bitcoin or any other Bitcoin-like crypto-currency. Right now and for the foreseeable future, it’s very risky. But it might be useful to have a basic understanding of how Bitcoin works, … Continue reading

The Danger from Computer Hackers Will Only Increase

You may have heard the recent news story: Hackers obtained credit card information, including the card number, expiration date, and security code number, for about 40 million customers at Target stores. If you shopped there, in person (not online), from … Continue reading

How To Set-up a Digital Bug-out Kit

Many preppers have put together a bug-out bag, with a collection of ready-to-go resources in case they need to evacuate their home in an emergency or disaster situation. You can assemble your own bug-out bag with a large backpack and … Continue reading

Computer expert throws away hard drive worth $8.25 million

An IT professional had a laptop with 7,500 Bitcoins stored on it. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, whose value fluctuates widely. Back in 2009, when he mined the Bitcoins, one Bitcoin was worth less than a penny. Some years later, … Continue reading

Protecting your Computer from Ransom-ware

There is a new type of computer malware spreading on the internet: it’s called “ransom-ware”. This malicious program infects your computer, like a computer virus, but it also encrypts all your files! Then it demands payment (via Bitcoin) in order … Continue reading

Secure E-mail through the Dark Mail Alliance

What is the Dark Mail Alliance? It’s a coalition of different experts in encryption and internet security, who are concerned about e-mail privacy. The team includes Phil Zimmerman, “the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the most widely used email … Continue reading