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Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

I regularly read different news and commentary sources that are relevant to prepping. One such resource, which is perhaps not so well-known among preppers, is a blog by Bruce Schneier: Schneier on Security. He covers new types of computer and … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration:

Why not wander over to, and see if anything interests you. It’s a prepping forum with an emphasis on SHTF Survival. Discussion topics include: Bushcraft, fishing, hunting, first aid, self-defense, urban survival, bug-out bags and vehicles, communication, disaster scenarios, … Continue reading

Beartooth Radio for Smart SHTF Communication

Your smart phone is a great prepping and survival tool — as long as the cellular network and/or internet are up and running, and you are not out of range of a cell tower. What do you do for communication … Continue reading

3 Good Options for Communication Security

By now you’ve read or seen the stories about extensive spying by the NSA on millions of U.S. citizens. Reportedly: The NSA routinely scoops up vast amounts of data from the internet and the phone system. Microsoft helped the NSA … Continue reading

7 Tips for Bugging Out in the Information Age

When the SHTF and you need to leave your home for parts known or unknown, you’ll want to have some way to continue being a part of the information age. If you’re like me, computing and internet access are important … Continue reading

Phone and Data Security Post-SHTF

The recent news stories about internet and phone companies turning over vast amounts of data from millions of Americans to the U.S. government, specifically the NSA (National Security Agency), has got me thinking about data and phone security from a … Continue reading