Beartooth Radio for Smart SHTF Communication

Your smart phone is a great prepping and survival tool — as long as the cellular network and/or internet are up and running, and you are not out of range of a cell tower. What do you do for communication when the SHTF? The cellular network could be down, due to an extended power outage. Or you could be bugging out to a remote location with no cell service. Beartooth Radio has a solution, which pairs smartly with your cell phone.

Beartooth looks like a wrap-around case for your phone, with an antenna sticking out. The device includes a 2000 mAh battery, which about doubles the battery life of most high-end phones. The antenna uses both VHF and UHF frequencies to obtain the greatest range and reliability in city locations (UHF) as well as rural locations (VHF).

You can communicate with other Beartooth users or with traditional 2-way radios. It’s a push-to-talk style of communication, like a two-way radio. You also have a choice of public communication with anyone on that frequency or a private call to just your Beartooth contacts. However, the FCC does not permit encrypted voice calls on the public frequencies used by Beartooth.

For truly private communication, Beartooth has the option of encrypted text messages with other Beartooth users. The Beartooth device interfaces with your smart phone and sends the data directly to other Beartooth users. Data is peer-to-peer only; nothing goes out over the internet or any cell phone network. So both data and voice work anywhere in the world.

Geolocation is included, so you can find other users within range of the device, and they can find you. This feature is useful for bugging out to an unfamiliar location, especially one that is rural.

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– Thoreau

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