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Prepping Equipment: Make Your Own Nut Milk and Soup

One of my nicer X-mas presents this year was a Soyajoy G4 nut milk and soup maker (stainless steel model). This machine deserves consideration by every prepper, as a way to make milk substitutes: soy milk, sunflower seed milk, almond … Continue reading

An Electrical Storm compared to EMP

Only a few days after my post on How an EMP Disaster would Endanger Our Lives, our region experienced a strong electrical storm. A bolt of lightning struck very near to my house, causing a host of problems. All the … Continue reading

How California’s “kill switch” Smartphone Law might be misused

CA just passed a bill requiring all new smartphones, made after July 1, 2015 and sold in the State, to have a function (“kill switch”) that allows the user to lock the phone, delete data, and prevent a reinstallation of … Continue reading

Should You Say Goodbye to Incandescent Bulbs?

The U.S. Congress, in its infinitesimal wisdom, has decreed that incandescent bulbs shall be phased out beginning on 1 January 2014. The more efficient CFL bulbs (which look like twisted florescent tubes) and the more expensive LED bulbs would seem … Continue reading

Choosing a Smoke Detector

Here at Prep-Blog, we promote prudent and reasonable preparations for a wide range of possible situations, from ordinary home emergencies to moderate or severe widespread disasters. This prepping post is on the subject of choosing smoke detectors (and my next … Continue reading

Defending Your Ears (in a home defense situation)

We talk a lot about which firearms are appropriate for home defense and what calibers might be best and which ones simply don’t fit the bill.  One thing we haven’t talked much about is the effect on your ears from … Continue reading

Recharging Your Cell Phone with Butane

Brookstone and Lilliputian Systems have announced that they are bringing to market — after more than a few years of hype — a small consumer fuel cell that runs on butane cartridges. The device consists of two components: inexpensive (we … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Electromagnetic Pulse

Here at Prep-Blog we try to focus on emergency preparedness for the most likely disaster scenarios you are likely to face. Generally, things like earthquakes, hurricanes, bad storms, localized civil unrest, etc… tend to attract our attention as they are … Continue reading

Computer Security for Disaster Preparedness

This article is not about computer security in general. Instead, the topic is how to secure your data if some type of short or long-term disaster strikes. There are several different problems that might affect computer security, and are related … Continue reading

Going Solar; First Steps; Baby Steps…

I put up a post a few days ago about my desire to have at least some ability to power my house through solar energy. My initial discussion with a vendor in my area was somewhat frustrating as they are … Continue reading

Using a Computer and the Internet during Power Outages

Suppose that some disaster occurs, not the end of the world as we know it, but some event that is nevertheless relatively severe. How might we use our computers, and even the internet, during the outage? A power outage certainly … Continue reading