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Bug Out Chic — Or The Opposite?

On the way to work the other day I started taking a closer look at the terrain I was driving through in an attempt to figure out how long it would take me to bike home should the need arise. … Continue reading

Getting Back Into Prepping

After a couple of very hectic years trying to keep up with work and dealing with a crazy travel schedule Butch is finally home and getting back into prepping.  That is not to say that I ever stopped prepping but … Continue reading

Earthquake Strikes Bay Area — A Live Report

Butch here reporting from the Bay Area of California where we were awakened last night at 3:22am by a strong earthquake.  I live about 40 miles away from the epicenter but was still jolted out of bed by pretty violent … Continue reading

Fish Antibiotics For Human Use?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about fish antibiotics and how folks are using them (or planning to use them) to treat humans.  I’ve read several articles that say that the antibiotics sold for treating common bacterial infections in fish … Continue reading

A Crash Course On Prepping

Me and a Prepper friend of mine were talking prepping last night while we were out having a couple of beers.  My friend Ned is a pretty serious prepper and very savvy too.  He basically lives by the book The … Continue reading

Catching Up On Prepping

After six or eight solid months of a crazy hectic schedule at work I’m finally back to concentrate on prepping and writing more about prepping.  There are times in everyone’s lives when they get wrapped up in one issue or … Continue reading

How Old Should A Child Be To Start Prepping?

How old should a child be before they start prepping?  I’m asked this question occasionally and I don’t have a specific age per se but I do have some thoughts on the matter. Generally I think parents should teach their … Continue reading

Paintball Guns For Varmint Control?

I’ve recently moved into a new home that’s in a more rural area than I was in before and have been getting to know some of the new neighbors.  Namely, a family of six raccoons that live somewhere nearby and … Continue reading

A Quiet Summer, A False Sense Of Security?

Thankfully this has been a pretty quiet summer as far as disaster scenarios go. Thankfully. We haven’t had a major earthquake in a long time, hurricane season (while not over) has been generously calm, last year’s protesters seem to have … Continue reading

Characteristics Of A Good Home For Prepping

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been writing for quite a while, at least I hope some of you have noticed…  That’s because I recently moved to a new house and it took up most of my … Continue reading

When Things Change In The City

I just got back from a week long trip to New York City and wanted to share some of my observations with you all.  First of all the city is really looking pretty good.  The number of homeless people has … Continue reading

Lever Action Options

I’ve been getting ready to buy a new gun and have been looking more and more at lever action rifles.  After giving it a lot of thought and reading a lot of articles (including a couple by Thoreau here, and … Continue reading