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The Perfect Bug-Out Location; Don’t Overthink It

Many preppers like the idea of having a secure Bug-Out location to head to if the SHTF.  Personally I’m more of a “Bug In” kind of guy (As I’ve mentioned in the past) but I still get in a lot … Continue reading

Using Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is simply a form of carbon that has a very high surface area and is extremely porous.  The surface area and porosity are so high that activated charcoal can be used to filter out impurities in air and … Continue reading

The Need For Clean Water

Lack of access to clean water kills about three and a half million people every year worldwide.  That is almost equivalent to the population of Los Angeles.  This comes mostly from water related diseases in third world nations where almost … Continue reading

Point & Shoot vs. Aim & Shoot

Recently as I’ve been spending more time working on faster target acquisition with shorter range targets I’ve found that I’m naturally falling into a “point and shoot” pattern.  In the past I was solidly in the “take careful aim and … Continue reading

Survival Bunkers

Recently I saw a show called Extreme Survival Bunkers on TV that got me to thinking. The show detailed several different people and their plans for building bunkers to ride out any mass casualty or TEOTWAWKI events.  If you’re looking … Continue reading

The SODIS Method Of Water Purification

Solar Water Disinfection or SODIS as it is called is a relatively simple and straightforward method for disinfecting drinking water.  In short the SODIS process uses the sun’s energy to purify water that is questionable or known to be unsafe. … Continue reading

Shelter In Place?

During the mayhem that followed the bombings last week at the Boston marathon citizens were advised to “shelter in place” for their safety.  Just about everyone in the country was glued to their television sets watching as events unfolded so … Continue reading

Survival Gardening; Start Sooner Rather Than Later

There are many things to consider when starting a survival garden including how much land is required, which crops are appropriate for your part of the country, and which crops will give you the nutrition you need.  Thoreau has done … Continue reading

Survival Fiction; Entertaining and Educational

I’ve probably read three dozen books on prepping and survival and have enjoyed most of them very much.  I’ve also learned quite a bit from most of them.   Non-fiction survival manuals as well as fictional novels both have something … Continue reading

Preparing For Summer

As the weather changes and summer approaches now is a good time to do a quick inventory to make sure you’re appropriately prepared for the potential emergencies the new season brings. At least two times a year (usually when we … Continue reading

Keeping Emergency Cash On Hand

When the power goes out during a major disaster or even a fairly common winter storm or summer hurricane there is no doubt that cash is king.  Without electricity credit and debit cards are all but useless. Perhaps in a … Continue reading

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Whenever I go to the store I usually spend a few extra minutes wandering around looking for any good prepping items that I may need to stock up on, that are on sale, or perhaps that I just never thought … Continue reading