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Characteristics Of A Good Home For Prepping

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been writing for quite a while, at least I hope some of you have noticed…  That’s because I recently moved to a new house and it took up most of my … Continue reading

When Things Change In The City

I just got back from a week long trip to New York City and wanted to share some of my observations with you all.  First of all the city is really looking pretty good.  The number of homeless people has … Continue reading

Lever Action Options

I’ve been getting ready to buy a new gun and have been looking more and more at lever action rifles.  After giving it a lot of thought and reading a lot of articles (including a couple by Thoreau here, and … Continue reading

The Ammo Shortage; Making Every Shot Count

We’re still stuck in the middle of an ammunition shortage and even when rounds are on store shelves buyers are often restricted to purchasing a modest amount at any one time.  This poses a problem for those who keep firearms … Continue reading

Avoiding Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest has occurred in pockets across the country over the past few years and  is perhaps one of the more likely scenarios that could adversely effect us in the future.  It’s possible that we could see more protests and … Continue reading

The Perfect Bug-Out Location; Don’t Overthink It

Many preppers like the idea of having a secure Bug-Out location to head to if the SHTF.  Personally I’m more of a “Bug In” kind of guy (As I’ve mentioned in the past) but I still get in a lot … Continue reading

Using Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is simply a form of carbon that has a very high surface area and is extremely porous.  The surface area and porosity are so high that activated charcoal can be used to filter out impurities in air and … Continue reading

The Need For Clean Water

Lack of access to clean water kills about three and a half million people every year worldwide.  That is almost equivalent to the population of Los Angeles.  This comes mostly from water related diseases in third world nations where almost … Continue reading

Point & Shoot vs. Aim & Shoot

Recently as I’ve been spending more time working on faster target acquisition with shorter range targets I’ve found that I’m naturally falling into a “point and shoot” pattern.  In the past I was solidly in the “take careful aim and … Continue reading

Survival Bunkers

Recently I saw a show called Extreme Survival Bunkers on TV that got me to thinking. The show detailed several different people and their plans for building bunkers to ride out any mass casualty or TEOTWAWKI events.  If you’re looking … Continue reading

The SODIS Method Of Water Purification

Solar Water Disinfection or SODIS as it is called is a relatively simple and straightforward method for disinfecting drinking water.  In short the SODIS process uses the sun’s energy to purify water that is questionable or known to be unsafe. … Continue reading

Shelter In Place?

During the mayhem that followed the bombings last week at the Boston marathon citizens were advised to “shelter in place” for their safety.  Just about everyone in the country was glued to their television sets watching as events unfolded so … Continue reading