Shelter In Place?

During the mayhem that followed the bombings last week at the Boston marathon citizens were advised to “shelter in place” for their safety.  Just about everyone in the country was glued to their television sets watching as events unfolded so this should not really be news to anyone.  My question is, if you were faced with a similar situation would you choose to “shelter in place” or would you Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD)?

As I’m sure you’ll recall there were at least two gun fights between the suspects and police and several more explosive devices detonated as well.  One of the brothers died in the initial exchange but the younger one remained at large for about 24 hours.  It is this 24 hour period when citizens were advised to shelter in place that I’m referring to specifically.

With a lot of bullets flying around and homemade bombs going off in the street it’s a miracle no innocent bystanders were injured or killed.  We all know how easily a stray bullet can penetrate the window or even the wall of a house.  There were an awful lot of people running around the city of Boston with rifles that night and I don’t know about you but I prefer the air in my neighborhood to be as free of .223 bullets as possible.  I can hardly deal with the pollen in the air lately never mind hollow points flying around.

So officials asked citizens in the affected part of the city to “shelter in place” for their own safety.  It’s still not clear to me if this was a request/advisement or an order similar to a curfew.  If it was in fact an order then I guess there is little choice but to comply.  To try to violate that would likely mean getting stuck at roadblocks before even being able to get out of the danger zone.  If you’re not able to evacuate an area like this swiftly and smoothly you will most likely end up putting yourself in a worse situation than you were in simply staying at home.

However if it was not an order or curfew then I think I would have opted to GOOD and quickly.  This was pretty much a perfect example of a good time to use what I call the Partial Bug-Out.  This is when you basically scoop up the family, hop in the car, and make your way to a hotel in a safe area until things calm down and you can return safely to your home.

Seriously, if you could evacuate fairly quickly and not get snarled in traffic before you could make it a safe distance then why not just bug out?  It looked to me from all the TV coverage like roads were pretty empty.  If you could make a straight shot to the freeway why not just spend a day or two at a little hotel by the ocean?  Or in Connecticut for that matter.  Shelter in place?  Not for this guy.

~ Butch

3 Responses to Shelter In Place?

  1. Yeah, in that situation–and most others–I think I would shelter in place especially in the northeast where getting out on the roads is a mess in normal times.

  2. I’m a shelter in place kind of guy so yeah I would’ve stayed. Believe it or not I’ve considered the type of situation described in the above narrative. (Does that make me weird?) The only instances that I’d actually evacuate would be in the event of something like a chemical (or biological) release that I can’g do anything to guard against that would be in proximity to my non-airtight home or if I “knew” a tornado was going to destroy my home. As we know, the latter is a bit unpredictable and sort of pops up rather quickly. Floods, hurricanes, wildfires, etc. aren’t an issue for me.

  3. I wanted to add that if I do “bug out,” or what I term “evacuate” I’m going to a hotel. Forget the woods. Camping is for fun – not survival.