Survival Blogs List

A List of Our Favorite Survival Blogs

Abundant Future Media – Working for a more Abundant Future today.

American Preppers Network – Freedom through teaching others self-reliance

Apartment Prepper’s Blog – Family Preparedness in an Apartment

Backdoor Survival – Survival and preparedness tools for creating a stylish, sustainable lifestyle using self-reliance, thoughtful prepping and optimism.

Bug-Out Survival – Plan, Prepare, Escape, and Stay Alive

Destiny Survival – Survival Gear & Supplies for Emergency Preparedness & Hard Times

Doom and Bloom Hour – medical preparedness and gardening expertise

Down Range Report – the blog of a combat veteran from the Iraq war

Food Storage Made Easy – Join us in our food storage adventures.

Food Storage and Survival – Adventures in Self Reliance

Frugal Prep – assisting novice and moderate income households in maintaining family preparedness.

Geek’s Guide to Preparedness and Survival – The journey of a technology professional learning the skills of preparedness, survival and self sufficiency.

Group Survival Forums – MutuallyAssuredSurvival forums: join the discussion! – a website that educates users on camping and disaster preparation.

Homestead Survival – Emergency Preparedness, Homesteading, Wild Food Foraging, Medical Skills, Self-sufficiency, Self-Reliance, Recycling, Canning, Gardening & More

How To Survive It – Survival tips to thrive and stay safe in a world that often isn’t.

In The Rabbit Hole – geared towards Urban Survival for modern survivalist and preppers that live and work in the city.

Jarhead Dude Survival Blog – things to do when SHTF, taught by a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.

Modern Survival Blog – Surviving uncertain times

Modern Survival Online – Thoughts on Survival and the World Today

More Than Just Surviving – a survival and preparedness blog.

My Adventures in Self Reliance – My ramblings on prepping/survival on the cheap.

My Family Survival Plan – Keep your family safe.

Off Grid Survival – The Skills You Need To Survive In Any Situation

Off The Grid News – Better ideas for off the grid living.

The Patriot Nurse – No-nonsense straight talk about Medical Prepping for SHTF and everyday stuff too.

Patriot Rising – Freedom, Liberty, Awareness & Preparedness, News & Opinion.

Practical Prepping Blog – Preparations for a very uncertain future. . .

Preparedness Advice Blog – Information on all aspects of emergency preparedness and food storage

Preparedness Pro – Panic-Free, Practical Preparedness Information

Preparing Your Family – Survival Blog With A Family Focus

Prepography – The Art & Study of Self-Reliance

Prepper Blogs – A master blogroll supporting all of our prepper friends

Prepper – Prepper news and info links, as well as practical tips to prepping on a budget.

Prepper Website – Preparedness o Survival o Alternative News

Prepping Blogs – your blog-out vehicle to the best blog-out locations. – Suburban Family Preparedness for 99% of What Life Can Throw at You!

SGTreport – original content, interviews, news, and satire.

Shooter’s Log – a gun blog from Cheaper Than Dirt, America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter – When the Shit Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Suburban Survival Blog – Sharing an education in survivalism & disaster preparedness.

Survival And Prosperity – Protecting and Growing Self and Wealth in These Uncertain Times.

Survival Blog – TEOTWAWKI Preparedness – prepare and survive – Preparedness News and Information

Survival Cache – The gear site for survivalists.

Survival Gearup – Survival blog listing Survival gear, links and information for survival preparedness.

Survival Spot Blog – We teach you not only the “hows” but also the “whys” of survival and emergency preparedness.

Survival UK – A Survival site with a UK bias – the #1 survival blog on the internet, from author James Wesley Rawles.

Survival Forums – discuss prepping and survival topics with like-minded persons.

Survival Pulse – Daily Survivalist, Prepper, and Homesteading links from around the Web.

Survival Punk – survival with a punk attitude.

Survival Top 50 – a ranking of the top survival site on the internet. – the first and only news and information aggregator devoted solely to the survival and preparation movement.

Tactical Intelligence – Learn the tactics you need to confidently survive and thrive in good times and in bad.

TEOTWAWKI Blog – Prepare in moderation; you have a life to live. Be practical and realistic in your preparations….. [More]

The Daily Prep – a video blog with daily ‘Prepisodes’.

The Home for Survival – SHTF Blog – Prepping and Surviving.

The Prepper Project – Be a better Prepper.

The Survival Doctor™ – What to do when help is NOT on the way.™

The Survivalist Blog – A Survival Blog with Advice that Works

TheSurvivalMom – Deep inside every mom is a Survival Mom whose passion for her family drives her to make the best of the present and prepare for the future.

The Truth About Guns – Exploring the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns

Today’s Survival Show – Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Urban Survival Site – How to Survive in the City when Disaster Strikes

WebMD – Common health topics A to Z

Zero Hedge – On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

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