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Getting Back Into Prepping

After a couple of very hectic years trying to keep up with work and dealing with a crazy travel schedule Butch is finally home and getting back into prepping.  That is not to say that I ever stopped prepping but … Continue reading

6 Unusual Items for Your SHTF First Aid Kit

The first thing to know about first aid kits is don’t buy one at the local department store or pharmacy. Those first aid kits are mostly for minor injuries: band-aids, ointments, and not much else. If you want a real … Continue reading

Valuable Skills For Preppers

Anyone who’s serious about Prepping should know that they need to develop knowledge and skills in critical areas.  That storing food, water, and other items is simply not enough.  You have to have the brain power to put your tools … Continue reading

Stocking Up On OTC Medicines

While most Preppers are well stocked with food, water, and first-aid supplies  something that often goes neglected or unthought of is Over The Counter Medicine.  Making sure you have enough basic cold medicines, fever reducers, anti-diarrheals, and other general medications … Continue reading

Kindle Books for Preppers: First Aid

A Kindle device offers several advantages for prepping purposes. (1) Low cost, relative to a laptop or tablet device. (2) Can hold hundreds of books with information relevant to prepping and survival. (3) Has a longer battery life than a … Continue reading

Smart Phone Apps for Preppers: First Aid

This post is the first in a series of prepping and survival articles on useful smart phone apps for Preppers. Whether you are bugging out or hunkering down, information will be one of your top resources in dealing with a … Continue reading

6 Ways To Use Triangular Bandages

A triangular bandage is a large triangle of cloth, usually a loose-weave cotton cloth, used in first aid. It is also called a ‘cravat’ (French for necktie) because it is sometimes folded to the shape of a long narrow band, … Continue reading

Glove Compartment Survival Kit

In our many blog posts on prepping and survival kits, we’ve covered first aid kits, bug-out bags, and emergency food kits, and even a mini-first aid kit for the wallet. We’ve also talked quite a bit about the types of … Continue reading

Medical and First Aid Books for Preppers

If you have a medical question, how do you find the answer? You could call your doctor — if you have one, if he is not too busy. You could look up the answer on the internet. But if the … Continue reading

Vision For The Future

When it comes to packing a Bug-Out-Bag or just stocking up on supplies around the house for a possible disaster there is one thing I am always sure I have enough of.  One thing I never ever skimp on.  And … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Food Poisoning

So it’s been a tough week here at the Butch household.  We had a pretty bad stomach virus whip though the family affecting all of us one by one, and it was not a happy time.  However, while spending time … Continue reading

Prepping for Illness, Not Just Injury

Most of the folks in the Prepping community have good first-aid kits and pay attention to the need to be able to treat injuries on their own during times of strife when they may not have immediate access to a … Continue reading