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Pistol-caliber Carbines for Home Defense

Like many prepping and survival blogs, we here at Prep-Blog are big supporters of the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, which includes the right to own a gun for the purpose of self-defense. So we often … Continue reading

Situational Awareness

There are more than a few dangerous situations that people, especially those that live in cities or more congested areas, run into every day.  Crimes like robbery, assault, car jacking, and burglary are still all too common.  This is why … Continue reading

Red Dot Sights For Self-Defense Guns

Most self-defense shootings occur at close ranges. So if you own a gun for home defense purposes, do you really need to buy an extra sight for the gun? Most guns come with decent iron sights, sufficient for a fairly … Continue reading

Know Your Self-Defense Laws

I’m not a lawyer, so the purpose of this post is not to inform you about laws affecting your actions in self-defense. Instead, I’m merely suggesting that we each need to do our own research, and inform ourselves about this … Continue reading

Don’t Get Left In The Dark

Today I’d like to talk about the importance of making sure you have a reliable battery or hand crank powered radio in case of emergency. In any type of emergency situation having as much information as possible about what’s going … Continue reading

Good Prepping guns – Butch’s Pick

In Thoreau’s earlier article, “Good Prepping Guns – What To Buy” he challenged himself to choose a great Prepping/Survival gun that fit the following conditions: • Good for self defense • Good for taking small game • Fits within a … Continue reading

Book Review: “Holding Your Ground”

I just finished reading “Holding Your Ground; Preparing For Defense If It All Falls Apart” by Joe Nobody. The author uses a pen name as he is still an active security consultant and wishes to remain anonymous. He has over … Continue reading

Prepping for Civil Unrest

Could it happen in the U.S.? Could it happen in my area? Civil unrest can be short-term, or it can extend over a longer period of time. The United States enjoys relative peace and prosperity at most times and in … Continue reading

Judged By The State Of California

I went in to my local gun shop today ready to finally pick up that Taurus Judge revolver that I’ve been talking quite a bit about here at Prep-Blog only to find that it is not California legal! How in … Continue reading

The Taurus Judge, Opinions Vary…

So far here at PREP Blog we have not done in-depth firearms reviews, but we have talked a bit about guns in general. We have for the most part talked about the guns that we consider to be commonly accepted … Continue reading

Lethal versus Less-lethal Self-Defense Options

Lethal Options — If you own or are considering buying a gun for self-defense, consider not only the type of gun, but also its use. Killing in self-defense is always a difficult option; don’t take this decision lightly. I own … Continue reading

Gun Safes

I went out this weekend and found a nice gun safe that holds about a dozen long guns along with a shelf to hold pistols and other lightweight items plus lots of room at the bottom for ammo. It wasn’t … Continue reading