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Choosing a Fire Extinguisher

This prepping post is a continuation of yesterday’s post on smoke detectors. If there ever is a fire in your home or small office, you’ll want to have a fire extinguisher, not only a detector. Here’s a quick overview of … Continue reading

Choosing a Smoke Detector

Here at Prep-Blog, we promote prudent and reasonable preparations for a wide range of possible situations, from ordinary home emergencies to moderate or severe widespread disasters. This prepping post is on the subject of choosing smoke detectors (and my next … Continue reading

Which Type of Home When the SHTF?

From what Butch and I have said so far, in several different posts, you might have gathered that living in an apartment in the city is, in our view, one of the worst possible locations during any type of severe … Continue reading

Quick Access To Safely Stored Firearms

Having quick and ready access to a firearm that is also safely stored can be very important during times of emergency like periods of civil unrest or even during a break-in.  After all, what good is a gun that’s locked … Continue reading

Protecting Your Home From Burglary

In many communities burglary continues to be a problem. Here I will talk about the mindset of the average burglar, what they’re looking for, how they usually behave, as well as some simple things you can do to keep your … Continue reading

Survival Attire: Not Dressing The Part

I know lots of folks are fans of tactical vests, cammo clothing, and other military-style survival gear but in a minor emergency situation (i.e. the most likely disaster scenario) is that really the best choice? I have my share of … Continue reading

Preparing For New Gun Laws

I spent this evening talking to some friends (preppers and otherwise) about the [likely] upcoming gun bans.  Now, while none of us are sure what will actually come of the proposed measures and most of us hope that cooler 2nd … Continue reading

Protecting Your Preps

Having been the recent victim of an automobile break-in and suffering the loss of not only my daily laptop bag and its contents but also my full bug-out-bag I am now keenly aware of the threat of losing stored preps … Continue reading

Automobile Break-Ins, It’s that time of year….

This article was inspired by an actual event that happened to me just this past week when my own car was broken into.  I was parked in a well lit area outside a very nice restaurant in my own town, … Continue reading

Preparing For Everyday Emergencies

Most of the folks who follow Prep-Blog are interested in preparing for short to medium term disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like.   Events that would affect their lives from anywhere from a few days to a couple of … Continue reading

Home Security; Using Plastic Sheeting

I’m a big proponent of keeping plenty of plywood on hand to board up windows in times of emergency.  SuperStorm Sandy being just the latest example of a time when many many people probably wished they had stocked up ahead … Continue reading

Protecting Your Stored Goods

Whether your overall plan is to Bug-In and stay in your primary residence during an emergency situation or to Bug-Out to a more remote and hopefully more secure location, protecting the goods you have stocked up on over the years … Continue reading