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Home Defense with the Heckler & Koch SP5K

The MP5K 9mm machine gun is renowned for its reliability, compactness, and light weight. HK calls it “the ultimate Close-Quarter weapon”. Well, it’s one of the top close-quarters weapons. And now there is a civilian legal version the SP5K pistol. … Continue reading

Indoor Survival Gardening

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, survival gardening when the SHTF is problematic. Thefts from a backyard garden or small farm will be rampant, and with each theft, you lose food, there’s damage to the garden, and you’ve lost labor … Continue reading

Shelf-stable Milk as a Prepping Resource

When the SHTF, certain aspects of modern life, which are most vulnerable to disruption, will fall first. Food, especially perishables, are likely to be the first to go. It’s fairly easy for the agricultural system to ramp up production of … Continue reading

The Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

The typical grocery-store version of molasses is not blackstrap. It’s watered down or sugared up. True blackstrap molasses is thicker, less sweet, and much better for you. How can you tell the difference? Check the nutrition label. Blackstrap molasses is … Continue reading

Preppers: Stay Hydrated!

You’ve probably heard the advice: “drink 8 cups of water a day”. What is the basis for that advice, and is it sound? It turns out that the amount 8 cups/day is based mainly on observational studies. The average adult … Continue reading

Prepping while Traveling

Any experienced pepper has, over time, accumulated a lot of prepping resources at home: food, water, books, equipment and tools (for gardening, water purification, power and lighting), as well as home security options. Prepping at home is one thing. But … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: the suburban soccer mom

Preppers come in all shapes and sizes. Even some suburban soccer moms are preppers (or wives of preppers). Of course, the example of a suburban soccer mom is meant to include all kinds of suburban preppers, with or without soccer-loving … Continue reading

Convincing Friends and Family to Prep

If you are a long-time prepper, you know that reactions to prepping vary. I suppose some people think that preppers are just a little eccentric, while others see us as full blown doomsday survivalists. It’s tough to change perceptions in … Continue reading

Stealth Survival Gardening after the SHTF

One of the most difficult problems in survival gardening is vulnerability to theft. After the SHTF, the unprepared will be desperate for food and willing to commit crimes to get it. But the problem is not simply theft of edible … Continue reading

Rewriting the Second Amendment

In the mass media recently, there have been repeated calls to rewrite the Second Amendment. I don’t really think that the Second Amendment will be rewritten, not any time soon. But if it were rewritten, I fear that anti-firearms and … Continue reading

More Firepower for Local Police

Most local police officers carry a semi-automatic pistol as their main sidearm. Maybe they have a backup gun in an ankle holster, which could be a small revolver. But gone are the days when the main firearm of a local … Continue reading

Prepping Your Car For Emergencies

Most preppers have a good assortment of resources stockpiled in their homes. But what happens if the SHTF while you are on the road? You might be a short distance from home, or on a long road trip. What kind … Continue reading