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Why You Should Worry About Ebola

Have you seen those articles and posts telling us all that we shouldn’t worry about Ebola? There’s this NBC opinion piece: Ebola Phobia? 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Panic Over This Virus. Five whole reasons? Well, I can only … Continue reading

Applying the Green Revolution to your Survival Garden

The “green revolution” was a sharp increase in crop yields that began in the 1940′s and 50′s. The basis for these better agricultural yields was better varieties of each crop, artificial fertilizers, and irrigation. The yield increases continued into the … Continue reading

Gun Rights in Washington D.C. — Why it matters to everyone

There’s a great article on the D.C. concealed carry permits debacle over at The Truth About Guns. The situation is this: For 40 years, our nation’s capital has had a law prohibiting all civilian concealed carry. That law was declared … Continue reading

2 HIV drugs might work against Ebola

It turns out that Ebola and HIV are similar in the way that they replicate. So researchers are looking into certain HIV drugs, to see if they will also be effective against Ebola. The advantage is that these drugs can … Continue reading

Disarmed populace vulnerable as ISIL threatens Aussies

Australia is the poster child for the push in the U.S. to villainize firearms, restrict gun rights, and eventually do away with the Second Amendment. Proponents of a disarmed U.S. population point to Australia as a success story: The 1996 … Continue reading

A Quick Summary of the Latest Ebola News

* Ebola is spreading at about the same rate, maybe a little less, as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic Sources: Wikipedia, New England Journal of Medicine * The CDC estimates that there will be approximately 8,000 confirmed and probable cases … Continue reading

Multi-vitamin Multi-mineral Supplements for Survival

So here’s the scenario. Some SHTF or “End of the Supermarket as We Know It” situation has disrupted the food supply. Now you are eating from your stored food and your survival garden. You may have built up a good … Continue reading

The Military versus Ebola: necessary and futile

There’s no other disease like Ebola (EVD). The disease itself is worse than the black plague: higher death rate and in terms of today’s medicine no cure and no vaccine (yet). The fatality rate is somewhere between 50% and 90%. … Continue reading

The TV Series “Scorpion” and why Geniuses can’t solve all our problems

When the SHTF, will the geniuses of the world save us? Color me skeptical. There’s a new TV series, called Scorpion, about a team of geniuses who save the day on a weekly basis. The premise is that when you … Continue reading

Sun-dried Tomatoes from the Survival Garden

What should you do with all those summer and early fall tomatoes? It’s very easy to pick up 6 or 12 tomato seedlings at a local gardening store, and toss them in the survival garden. Tomatoes are easy to grow. … Continue reading

A U.S. Epidemic affecting Kids: Enterovirus D68

Read the CDC question and answer page for this disease here. The disease is currently active in 10 mid-Western states. The CDC says just over 100 people have become infected, but news reports put the number much higher. The Washington … Continue reading

Sig Sauer versus the BATFE on the MPX Muzzle Brake

The MPX is a sweet new pistol-caliber carbine (PCC) from Sig Sauer. The military/LEO and civilian market place needed a new PCC. The venerable MP5 is outdated. It lacks the features of a modern AR — rails all around, AR … Continue reading