New Feature: Top Prepping and Survival Books

Today Prep-Blog has launched a new feature: a list of the top 12 non-fiction prepping and survival books.

This list is based on the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank”, which can be found under Product Details for any book sold at That ranking changes continually, but our top 12 non-fiction prepping books list is only updated once per month. So the list is only a snapshot of that ranking, at a certain point in time. Also, the ranking is limited to one book per author, so if an author has 2 or 3 popular books, only one will be listed. This allows the list to contain a wider variety of books and authors.

If you know of a prepping or survival book with a high ranking at Amazon — within the top 10,000 books — feel free to contact us or mention the book in a comment below. However, please understand that we only list the top books by Amazon ranking. Soon we will be adding a list of the top fiction books in the category of prepping and survival. If you have any suggestions for a candidate for the list, let us know. This list of fiction books will also be based on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

– Thoreau

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