New for Preppers: The Simple Survival Smart Book

The author was a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army for 23 years, from 1989 to 2011. The book emphasizes bug-out and wilderness survival, incorporating practical knowledge from the author’s military experience. This is not a generalized prepping book. But it is useful for preppers. It fills a need for detailed info on bug-out, camping, and wilderness survival, beyond what most preppers and prepping books/articles know.

Some prepping books are too generalized, or too superficial in their material. In contrast, The Simple Survival Book has very specific information on all aspects of outdoor survival, from an author who has survived in many difficult situations as a U.S. soldier. The chapter called “Combat” is not about military combat, but about self-defense when you are outdoors and confronted by criminals, not enemy combatants. It applies military combat experience to civilian self-defense.

The chapter on Outdoor Survival includes sections on hygiene, moving through difficult terrain, improvising shelter, fire-starting and more. The chapter on Preparedness Kits recommends two types of kits: the familiar Bug-out Bag, well-known to all preppers, and the Go To Hell bag (GOTH bag). The latter is a lighter smaller bug-out kit for extreme emergencies, when everything suddenly goes to hell and you don’t have access to your more fully-supplied B.O.B. bag.

The first aid chapter focuses on “field first aid”, i.e. when you are away from home and medical help is unavailable. I’d still recommend taking an advanced first aid course, and buying a few first aid and medical books for full preparedness in this area. But the author’s perspective as a soldier who has seen combat is appreciated.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

1 – Survival Planning
2 – Preparedness Kits
3 – Outdoor Survival
4 – Map Reading & Navigation
5 – Acquiring Food & Water
6 – Combat
7 – Basic Field First Aid
8 – Useful and Helpful Knots
Appendix A – Tips, Tricks, and Hints
Appendix B – Minefield Record Card
Appendix C – Foodborne Illnesses
Reference List

The Simple Survival Smart Book is available in print and in Kindle format at

– Thoreau

2 Responses to New for Preppers: The Simple Survival Smart Book

  1. Hi, is there any words about how to choose the gun for defense and when people need to pull the trigger?

    Just curious, thanks.


    • There’s a discussion of different types of weapons, but it’s not a review of specific makes and models. Nothing lengthy on the decision to use deadly force. That’s a tough topic and perhaps would require a book of its own.