Prepping Survey by a Grad Student and Prepper

If you are a prepper or survivalist who has been through some type of disaster, you might be interested in taking the survey described below. I received information on the survey in the following e-mail:

My name is Jessica Pooley and I’m a graduate student of the University of Southern Maine, and I’m a beginner prepper. I’m working on a project to help remove the stigma associated with prepping and creating a template for communication and community resilience targeted at rural communities who will be the last on the list for relief in the event of a disaster. It is profoundly important for rural dwellers to be self-sufficient, as all federal and state funds for emergency preparedness are directed toward urban communities. Part of my research includes surveying rural dwelling folks who consider themselves preppers that have actually survived a natural disaster (ie Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy, western wildfires, etc..) to determine which preparedness efforts were effective, which were not and what they would have done differently.

In order to reach these folks (you and I both understand the elusiveness of preppers and direct contact is improbable), I am requesting the opportunity to offer the survey through your blog. There are no questions requiring participants to provide personal information – anonymity is assured. The link to the survey is:

I use survey monkey because it is the premier survey design tool, and automatically builds precautions into the parameters of the design. It’s 3 pages, the first page is the consent which must be acknowledged before access to the 34 questions. Final page is a ‘thank you’ note and notification that the results will be available at your site by the end of March, if you choose to publish it. The survey should be made available as soon as possible and no data will be collected after Feb 28. Please let me know if you have ANY questions, I appreciate your consideration for inclusion!

Jessica Pooley
University of Southern Maine

I took a look at the survey questions. It should only take a few minutes of your time to fill out, and it’s anonymous. The survey asks questions about how you coped with a past disaster, as well as general questions about prepping.

– Thoreau

One Response to Prepping Survey by a Grad Student and Prepper

  1. Good for her, what a great project! I can’t participate since I have never been through any type of disaster but I hope she gets quite a bit of information from those who have. Looking forward to the results.