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Over the last month or so I’ve picked up a few products that I think are worth mentioning here at Prep-Blog.

I’ve read a couple of new books on solar power that helped me come up with my strategy for storing frozen food post SHTF. Both The Solar Electricity Handbook and Solar Power For Your Home were well written and informative. I recommend them for anyone who wants to learn the basics of solar power before embarking on any type of project or contacting a vendor. Either one would probably do though; no real need to buy both.

I also picked up a UTG SWAT/Combat Profile, Adjustable Height Bipod for my Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22. It is surprisingly solid and well made for a product that only cost about twenty bucks. UTG makes several different models of bipods, some of which have springs and wires attached to the sides, which I don’t care for. I like this one for its simplicity.

As some of you may know I’m a big fan of cool flashlights and even though I try hard to keep all of my electronics running on just a few different types of batteries I still have a few that run on the little CR132’s. They tend to be brighter than anything else I’ve seen. I picked up a 700 lumen Olight that is just amazing.

I also ordered what I hope will be a very cool rechargeable credit card sized Eon Extreme flashlight from Ian Sinclair but that was seven months ago and they have yet to ship it due to manufacturing issues. Beware of this company.

I also picked up a copy of William Forstchen’s One Second After a New York Times best selling novel about life in a small North Carolina town after America is hit with a devastating EMP pulse. This was one of the most entertaining, informative, and terrifyingly possible books I’ve read in a while. My wife is reading it now and it is giving her a new appreciation for Prepping! I highly recommend it to Preppers and skeptics alike. Really great.

The final item I’ll mention is the SteriPEN Adventurer, a portable compact handheld UV water purifier. This little device is meant to be inserted into a container of water and then turned on so that the UV light destroys bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. It purifies a liter of water in about a minute and a half. I bought this for a friend who was taking a trip overseas to a country where travelers commonly get ill. So, while I haven’t tried it myself, my friend came back safe and sound without any ailments.

Oh, and I should probably also mention that we don’t receive any type of compensation (not even free products) for the items we review or recommend here at Prep-Blog.  We remain unbiased.


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  1. For the Ian Sinclair flash light I wouldn’t worry about eventually getting it. I have one of their card sharp knives and after the first production run I had them mailed pretty damn fast. Yeah it was annoying waiting three months but they did show up and in a wonderful small package. It’s a great little knife to keep in my wallet.