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Product Reviews

Over the last month or so I’ve picked up a few products that I think are worth mentioning here at Prep-Blog. I’ve read a couple of new books on solar power that helped me come up with my strategy for … Continue reading

Self-defense Guns…for people who don’t like guns

If you like guns and shooting, people assume that you must be politically-conservative. I think that’s a false assumption. A person can be liberal or moderate or conservative, politically, and still enjoy shooting at a target range or hunting. But … Continue reading

Prepping for Civil Unrest

Could it happen in the U.S.? Could it happen in my area? Civil unrest can be short-term, or it can extend over a longer period of time. The United States enjoys relative peace and prosperity at most times and in … Continue reading

SHTF and a Return to Normalcy

I had a conversation today with a friend who loves to talk about preparedness. Loves to collect and shoot guns. But beyond that he does very little to actually be prepared for much more than a stray coyote in his … Continue reading

What gun should I buy?

I get this question a lot from friends that were brought up in cities or larger towns where you don’t find as many gun owners. “What gun should I buy?” My friends who ask me this usually did not grow … Continue reading