Book Review: Apocalypse Law 1 & 2

I recently read both Apocalypse Law  as well as Apocalypse Law 2 by John Grit.  I highly recommend both books.

The series is about a bad ass former Army Ranger who is fighting to protect his son and a small group of friends that slowly grows throughout the series after a plague wipes out 95% of the world’s population.  Unlike some of the post-apocalyptic novels I’ve read this one is very well written with equal parts thoughtful reflection and fast paced action.

Grit’s novels are not as “How To” oriented as some of the books Rawles has written, which I find to be a combination of instruction manual for surviving after the Crunch and action novel woven together.  Still, there’s lots to be learned from reading the Apocalypse Law series.  While the author doesn’t smack the reader right in the face with a lot of it you’ll be sure to come away with new ideas for Prepping and new insights on what could happen in different scenarios and how you could be better Prepared.  The novels are definitely eye opening.

While the books probably don’t have to be read in order and could stand on their own I would recommend starting with the first one.  Two reasons for this.  One, if you read the first one you’re definitely going to want to read the second.  Two, there is quite a bit of character development in the first book that carries on to the second.

Finally I will say that I think I enjoyed Apocalypse Law 2 a little more than the first one.  This is probably because of the way the author artfully develops the characters in the series and by the second book I really felt like I knew them well.  Sort of like the way TV shows get better after a few seasons once you know the characters better.  Also, the second book is pure action.  This is not to say that the first one was boring, quite the contrary, but the second one I just could not put down.  So, why don’t you pick them up and enjoy!

~ Butch

2 Responses to Book Review: Apocalypse Law 1 & 2

  1. i found the first book to be very entertaining.
    the second book…..not so much. seemed to be a repeat of the first with some minor plot changes. Book one is worth the money though.

  2. Bill G, I’m wondering how a series can have more than one plot. The second novel is a continuation of the first story, and if there is a third in the series I’m sure that one too will be a continuation of the same story. This can continue on for a dozen novels in a series. Isn’t this what a series is?